It’s raining again

Here we go again. The drought must truly be over. I must say that although I would prefer to be walking I have nothing much on my agenda but to continue listing items on Zazzle.Yesterday I managed to upload 9 items to my new store on Zazzle. The link should be below. I have been linking to Twitter and Pinterest as I list in my store. I have been exploring all of the ways that you can market items. It is exciting to see how many options are on Zazzle but I must say that it is disheartening to see how little you get as a maker. Ultimately there must be a better way to utilize the internet to see your designs and products. I will keep on slogging and blogging until I find something that works. I am starting to believe that I do have what it takes to make something of my new found knowledge and gifts.

My Zazzle Store.birdblo0324