Eight days….Sprinkled with love.

Boy by me….Cake by Sprinkles.

Yesterday was the day to have a small get together with the family before the boy heads off to school. We moved it to where the people are because my niece had dance practice and this way we would still see her and my sister. Also, it was easier for the old folks to spend more time with us before heading home. It was a lovely time. We just gathered up the goods and headed to Campbell. I am normally much fussier about the food etc but yesterday I kept it completely simple. Pizza, chip, cheese n crackers, and cake. Lately, I just cannot figure out…or should I say want not want to deal with food prep. I guess it must be the food avoidance that makes it harder for me to plan a menu etc. If it was up to me all food would be a smoothie. His cousin was home from her college…but then she loves coming home almost every weekend because she is an hour away. He got to spend time with his cousins and then he went off to say goodbye to his ex-girlfriend. They broke up because of geographical constraints this coming year. She is such a lovely girl and I know they were happy to see each other one last time before he leaves. Here are some pictures from the party.

The three stooges.
Nana and Papa
His first best friend..his cousin Jordy. They are still like siblings.
And here is trouble. The four cousins together.

It feels like he is gone already because he spends more time out of the house than ever. Between work and friends, we are already missing him dearly. Today he has been in the city(San Francisco) with his best friend.

I am starting to watch the weather closely and Manhattan heated up to a balmy 30deg F today. Lord help me. I am not used to that at all.

I had a meeting with the nutritionist on Friday. My issues go in cycles and I am stress eating at the moment with binges. I was not in the mood to go and deal with it on Friday and I came very close to canceling because sometimes the old Sharon comes out and she has food as her boss. I am glad that I went. I hate preparing food, to begin with, but I HATE making food for myself so I will sometimes not bother at all. So I am going to try and concentrate on having at least one smoothie or superfood drink daily to get the vitamins etc that I need. I looked at the picture of me above with the guys and I look like a pale washed out dishrag. Bring on the iron infusions. I am still waiting for that appointment so I am sure I will only get there when we get back from our trip.

I am feeling weirdly numb about the upcoming trip. I know that I am as I like to say….Inside my own head. This is when I really need to watch the food intake. It is easy to just push feeling sad away with your hand reaching for some food. Tomorrow is my weekly visit with Not Jean and this will be my last visit before I leave. Next week I am on my own with the worries inside my head….should be like a crazy carnival ride. Maybe the balmy weather will freeze them….LOL

Tomorrow my classes start at school. I am doing the math online…did I already mention that….and I have now done all the homework and quizzes that precede the first test which is due on Feb18th. I love jumping ahead.

The rest of the week we will be starting to take stock of what he has and what he still needs to buy when we get into NYC.

Oh well…Happy Sunday and I hope that you have a great week.



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I finally put together a design for the first time in about 4-6 weeks. I loved these face elements that I had so decided to create this pattern. I am in love with these pseudo faces. I am glad that I at least got this done today otherwise I would be really useless. I did not make it to Michaels. I want to take the painting to be measured for a matte and it is cold and raining so I do not want it damaged. I actually got to sit at my desk today. It is funny that the house is always neat and tidy but my desk like my head is a jumbled mess. The kiddo went to work at 6am this morning. He has only four days of work left. He was home for a little bit of time and then he was gone again with his friend from high school. Lovie and I decided to go out to dinner. Most Saturdays I am a…”Nah!  not this week person but tonight I thought we might as well get out of the house. So we decided to wing it and go to this Thai place that we like in a nearby town. We figured that if it was busy we could go to the Japanese place in the same complex. We got this at the perfect time and were seated right away.

sata2I ordered the chicken satay appetizer as my meal. It was really lovely. I had lychee tea. I have not had it in ages. I can no longer tolerate things being that sweet. I kept cutting it with water to make it more palatable. I am so ticked at myself. I pulled on a nice new sweater to go out to dinner and I, of course, spilled peanut sauce on myself. I hope to goodness it is not ruined. I have this thing about clothes and stains. If it has even one speck that will not come out I will never wear it again. If I can see it on the front of my shirt I cannot deal with it. It is in the wash right now. I hope that it is ok because I wanted to wear it on the plane to New York because it is really cozy and has a shearling lined hoodie. Dinner was nice but the food is really bothering me at the moment. I have been missing my 1000-1200 calorie goal and the moment I do that I gain weight. The nutritionist always says that it is because my body goes out of starvation mode and panics because it anticipates the next time it will be starved. She also says that if I just concentrated on nutrition it will adjust itself. I know that my nutrition is atrocious at the moment and it did show up in my last bloodwork. I am so washed out again and the sleep issues are not helping. I feel like a fat blob. Terrified of the 10-12lb weight gain of last year.  I feel like a nap about 2 hours after I wake up  Crazy huh! Now we are home and I am watching mindless youtube while typing this blog. Mindless youtube is sometimes a good thing. I am really an odd cookie. I love watching Aussie crime shows, British vloggers, Woodturning(yes I said woodturning), music from Evan Hanson and fat people. You cannot get more varied than that. LOL.

Well, stay warm and happy weekending.

Seventeen and counting

mandala20191Seventeen days and counting…YIKES! They finally sent us an email to tell us that they are giving dorm and roommate information…at last. I  meant to go to Restorative Yoga this morning but I had a really hard time waking up this morning…so I never made it. I guess the sleep “help” was dialed up too high.

I spent the whole day and I mean the whole day working on organizing my work desk in the family room. The desk was messy but not as it appears in some of the pictures below. I kind of pulled it apart to put it together. I have recently bought a painting and a giclee print from a local artist and I wanted to hang her work above my desk with a few other pieces of art that I have bought or made. I hung the print but I need to take it in and have a matte made and I need to adjust the frame size. So here is my work in progress.

And here it was towards the end of the day.  I tried to cull my little message board but I love to keep the little things that mean something to me on the board so it is full again.

noticeboardThose three little African babies were a gift from my dad. He just bought them on his last trip. This is what it looked like towards the end of the day.



It will take me a few days to finish it off by getting the paintings etc framed and mounted on the wall. (The doll is a Frida Kahlo doll that is a work in progress Her face and hair are not complete yet.)
With regards to the countdown. I am really taking strain. Fighting every day trying not to use food as a crutch…..struggling bigtime. It is weird because I am ok with it and then it will randomly hit home that the chick is flying the coop and I start freaking out inside. I have to remember that he seems to be very ready. I have a “Not Jean” appointment on Monday. Thank goodness. I have not seen her in 2 weeks so she has her work cut out for her.

Well, the weekend is here again. Nothing much planned but I really need to get my creative groove moving to keep the overactive brain busy and out of the ditch. Now I have an uncluttered desk I am hoping that the creative juices will flow….who am I kidding.  I think I might just take myself to Michaels tomorrow to order a matte for the artwork.  I might just go to the Restorative yoga on Sunday. The only thing is that it is so darn early and that instructor is my least favorite. I think that soon I want to maybe try the exercise machines. They are always generously populated by old farts. That is the only issue for me. I am so paranoid about the germs on those machines. I am terrified of MRSA.

I hope that you all have a wonderfully peaceful weekend.

Circle of life

RetrofallToday we ventured into another new era. The boy finally got a job. Thank goodness that expensive prep school education paid off. He got a job as a floater in a coffee shop..LOL…I am just kidding. It is just a job to keep him busy until he heads off to college in February. I am dying for him to come home so that I can find out exactly what they made him do. He is out with his friends for now. I am once again incredibly sad today. I just want to cry again. The emotions are overwhelming sometimes. I wish I could break out of this funk.

I received a new batch of scarves today. I am so proud of this latest batch. The designs are getting more creative and better as time goes by. I have some new ideas that I am dying to try out. I am all ready for the 4th of July tomorrow. As tradition has it my sister and her family come over for dinner and then we head off to the top of the Oracle Headquarters Parking lot to watch the fireworks in nearby Foster City. We have taken the kids up there for over 10 years and it has become a little bit of a tradition. It is great. The fireworks are nice and completely viewable and there is NO Traffic on the way home. Sadly this is probably the last year because two of them will be in college and my guy will be doing a summer semester because his intake is February and he still graduates with his class of 2022.  I am so weird. I have no interest in food so it is a chore to actually think of a menu for tomorrow. I have kept it super simple this year. Food just causes me too much grief. I’d rather not think about it.

Nanny is still in Texas having a blast by the sounds of it. Tannie(my mom’s sister and my favorite aunty) is teaching Nana to make the most beautiful aprons. I think Nana has got to add them to my stalls.

Apart from that, I do not have much else to share. I am busy charging my phone so I can head out in 20 minutes for a walk. Trying to walk the anxiety away….good luck with that buttercup.
To all my fellow Americans. Keep it civil. Be kind and Happy 4th of July. Stop the violence. God Bless the USA. As an immigrant, I am grateful for every day I get to live here.