Zen pffft..No way

Trying the new phone camera

Darn, I am miserable today. I woke up out of sorts. One of those days when I want to shut out the world, curl up on the couch and vegetate. However, I had booked myself a spot at Restorative Yoga so I figured I better go because the class is so full and it would be unfair to take the spot and not show up. I was also planning on going to water exercise but I was in an ” I need to be inside my head” mood so I drove over to the JCC and figured I would decide what I felt like doing when I got there. So I stopped off at the post office in the same parking lot and by then I would have to join the class late. I had my swimsuit on already so I headed in still not knowing my plan. I decided to go to the outside pool and see if there were any lanes open. Sure enough, after sitting there and plucking up the courage for 10 minutes I went inside to take my wig off and put on a bathing cap….You have no idea what a big accomplishment this is. Getting over this has made the world of difference in my level of enjoyment in the pool. So I locked up my stuff and headed out to the pool with the goal of 10 laps. Hopped in and I did it and I enjoyed it. I am happy that I did it. I think I prefer doing that. Now that I have shoved the self-consciousness out of the way I think it is more enjoyable than Granny aquasize.
So the Restorative was packed to the gills. It did not go well. I have been hurting so badly and my hip is extending the pain to my lower back and the length of the leg.  So the great yoga instructor( I mean it I am not being facetious ) told us that we will work on our backs this month….ding ding ding. I knew I was in trouble. It was not restorative at all. My back did not like any of the positions. It hated everything and I left there with my back spasming out of control. This has not done much for my mood. I am crankier than ever and sending me more into my head than ever. This week it is NOT a notJean week so it is time to process stuff alone. I am so happy that the boy will be home in 2 days. I honestly cannot wait. Maybe that will improve my mood.

The food struggle is epic at the moment. It is now pretty easy to keep it healthy for the most part but the compulsion to want to self soothe with food is messing with my brain at the moment. In case you have interested the salad is Kale, Cabbage, spinach, garbanzo beans, apples, lentils, and peaches. If you put enough variety in it you do not need dressing.

arbggi34qlgp8lepc7kpcw.jpgI have not been designing scarves for a long time but my favorite aunt in South Africa asked for a specific type of scarf so I made this for her. It is out there for sure. I was happy with it. I felt so good seeing my scarves again. I am so frustrated because it has gone nowhere and it has been spinning the wheels for a while now. I am thinking about how to remedy it.

and it is not even 3 pm 


Oh well, my cranky ass is going to take 40 winks. Catch you later. See ya soon and thanks for stopping by.

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