Let’s talk turkey

A 99c Goodwill find… Original Acoma Pottery by Lucy M Lewis.

This turkey is so stinking cute. I needed to calm myself again yesterday so a walk around goodwill was a good idea. On Tues I went to the mall. I set out to get a new phone. My phone has been dodgy for months so I really needed a new one. I need to know that boy can get hold of me if he needs me without my phone flaking out. On Monday he set off my panic alarms again. He texts me to tell me that he was in an ambulance on the way to the emergency room again. Twice in two weeks. He had woken up coughing and not breathing clearly and started panicking. He walked over to the urgent care and started panicking on the way over. By the time he got there his heart was at 130bpm. They checked him out and were alarmed by his heart rate. They gave him a nebulizer and sent him off to the ER in an ambulance to have a new lung x-ray. He always wanted to debut on Broadway but in an ambulance on a gurney was not the way that he anticipated. Because his heart was so fast they gave him an EKG and an x-ray and another nebulizer. We think that it was possibly coffee, anxiety and the nebulizer treatment that sent his heart rate soaring. The EKG was normal except for the heart rate and his x-ray was a clear..no sign of pneumonia at all. He spent the rest of my morning face timing me. I think that he was pretty shaken up. I had to see Not Jean on Monday and weirdly I was pretty calm. I was able to talk through the morning without freaking out too much. I think it was a combo of a good night’s sleep and actually getting to see that he was ok. Our appointment was pretty helpful.

So on Tuesday, as I mentioned, I went to buy a new phone. As I was leaving I went to grab my apple watch off the charger and as I was putting it on my arm it slipped off my wrist and went crashing to the kitchen floor. This was the result. Smashed to pieces.

Luckily I have apple care. So it is going in to be “repaired,” the guy said it is most likely going to be replaced. Such an idiot. Mrs. Butterfingers. So you will not be seeing any steps for a few days.

I have been on a walk once since checking in and I walked around at Stanford yesterday. I have not been to yoga or swimming this week. I am fighting with food this weekend. Epic battles again. I keep gaining and losing the same 3-5 lb. I am desperate to get this under control. For three days I had no appetite and then yesterday I could have eaten the paint off of the walls. Not sure what is making my appetite this erratic. Normally I no longer obsess about food but yesterday was another story. Lord that does not need to stick around. On Tuesday my calories were sitting at 1183 yesterday almost 2000…wtf. insane

Creatively I am feeling so frustrated. I want to create something but nothing gels or falls into place.  All of the Cricut projects I am attempting just fizzle. I promised the nutritionist that I would make her some unique stickers that she uses for her practice. So I guess I should get that done before I see her next week. I am in the mood to draw some elements for listing on Adobe stock. I sold another copy of a primitive GG bridge drawing yesterday. I think I have sold it 7 times now. Wacky. I have a mani Pedi in about an hour. I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow I plan on going down to the south bay to have coffee with the family. Hopefully, I will get to see my girlies. I love those kiddos.

Thanks for stopping by…Yippee we are close to the weekend again. In one week from today, my baby will be home for 4 weeks.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 10.32.21 PM
The watch strap I designed and have for sale. link below.



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