Down by the Bay

IMG_2225I have been meaning to check in for a few days now but I have been a little distracted playing the new Sims 4 expansion pack and now I had to give it a break because I have a wicked headache. I am not going to exercise today. I have been trying to do something daily but I skipped Friday and Today. On Tues, Wed and Thursday last week I hit my 5000 steps but Friday I needed to give it a break. I was aching all over again and so I skipped the aquasize and Restorative. I was worried that I was so stiff I would be stuck on the floor if I tried Restorative in that state. I ended up with 2900 steps but I have to accept that at the moment my body is not up to walking like I used to 3-4 years ago. I have felt shitty ever since Friday. However last night we went out to dinner because the weather was absolutely beautiful. We went into Foster City which is one town over. Now Foster City at the bay is just never warm and always windy. Last night it was lovely. We ate at one of our favorite Thai places near the Bay Trail that overlooks the San Mateo Bridge. We took a lovely leisurely walk and lovie got to watch the planes for a few minutes….he is our plane spotter. The evening was glorious and look at these blue skies. 

I ended up with a decent amount of steps as you can see below and even with dinner out my calories ended up at 979 officially but I think I had a handful of nuts so it was a little more. Today I am at a dismal 796 and I feel like shit so I am not sure how much more it will be. However true to form that scale has barely moved. Also, my steps are at a measly 1500 steps as I have been vegging on the couch for the afternoon. I think that number is a little off because I forgot to wear it this morning and then it died and it was off again this afternoon so maybe it is not that bad.  I have a pounding headache but I think it is from playing the Sims. Tomorrow I think I will work on cutting out some die cut projects so that I have something else to do. I have still not cut out the felt chocolate project that I promised to prepare for nana. fullsizeoutput_6789


In other news, I completed all of the oceanography quizzes for the whole semester that ends on July 18th. The college I attend has online versions of their classes and most times you can work ahead. So that is what I did. I am down to just Oceanography for the semester so I surged ahead. Who could have known that I would find the Oceanography so interesting? I have always loved the ocean and I love being near the water so maybe that has something to do with it. My other achievement this weekend was to create a Shutterfly memory book of our recent trip to Jackson Hole. I like to create a book for each vacation that we experience. I have never been the scrapbooking type so I love the design aspect of using Shutterfly. I have also made books of all of the kiddo’s childhood. A neat and organized way to have paper copies of our thousands of digital photos.

I have sold so many items this week on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay. I am not sure if the money fairy has been sprinkling funds around but people are in a spending mood. It is fun because it is my little side hobby and I have got rid of so many items this week.

I am a sorry mess emotionally this weekend. The boy was wanting to change his schedule around that would have allowed him to be home for an extra five weeks but NYU is just too big for an admin slip and the tuition is just too expensive to be skipping classes. We are also worried about him losing his housing in the fall. He was a spring admit so he has had to attend summer classes. He finishes the first session next week and then he will be home for three weeks before heading back for the second session which is screenplay writing. He then has two weeks to move to the new dorm and then he starts his second year. Crazy. I know it makes perfect sense that we said no to his plan but I am so torn up about it. Good luck “not Jean” when I see you tomorrow.

Happy Monday everyone. Have a wonderful week.

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