The second day went well yesterday. Calories ended up at 1188. and my weight did not really move overnight. I was home for most of yesterday. I did go and run a few errands and carried on working on the Oceanography. I did get a mammogram done. I am so ridiculous. Just a simple necessity like that has sent me into a tizzy. So I had to spend the rest of the day calming myself down. Thank goodness I just got normal results. I had a list of phone calls I needed to make and appointments to arrange and that was all done. I was a little lazy and not in the mood to actually walk yesterday. I know I cannot push it because the hip is so painful again…right into my butt and back. After dinner, I decided I just needed to get my ass out on the lagoon and get my steps for the day. So I hobbled around the lagoon and got in my 5000 steps as I had hoped. I used to walk a mile in about 19 min. Last night it took me 32 minutes but better than nothing. I am now quibbling with the idea of walking again today but I think that I am playing with fire.

The lagoon last night at dusk

I so badly want to go out but I do not want to cause more damage. I have asked the orthopedic surgeon to give me a prescription for a sports physical therapy massage. I am hoping that it will give relief. I do plan on going to swimming and restorative yoga tomorrow so I might just try and spend a little time on Lovie’s exercise bike this afternoon. I am also toying with possibly swimming. I think it is warm enough but as usual, the wind is howling.

I am such a dork. I am waiting patiently for 9pm. One of my secret vices is designing and building houses in the Sims 4. I have played the Sims in one form or the other for about 20 years. Tonight they are releasing island building and I know that I will be up all night building with the new expansion.

Thanks to all of the new readers that have visited this blog. Welcome and please stay a while. 

This is my favorite new meal. I am so odd because I get into a groove and eat the same thing daily. This is what I had for lunch and dinner.

Lunch: Applegate chicken slices, pickles, and yogurt. I had sparkling water.

Dinner: I had the Trader Joes, Lemon Chicken and arugula salad with couscous(new obsession) with no dressing. I love it

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