Working out to work it out.


I cannot guarantee I will feel like writing daily but at any rate, I felt like it today. I actually got up and hauled my fat ass to geriatric aquasize. The funny thing was that I now recognized some off the grannies from Restorative yoga. The exercise is a solid hour and if you really put your back into it you will be exhausted. Half the grannies seem to pack it in halfway through. I did not work that hard but it is easier on my aching hips. I really want to know what is causing it but I am really creaky. I had a nice shower got dressed and ordered a cheese and tomato sandwich for brunch before yoga. I always look to shave calories so I pulled half the cheese off the sandwich because I did not get to stop her in time. That was a good lunch. I went to yoga, went to the supermarket and popped home to drop off the frozen items. I went out again because I forgot the orange juice and on a whim decided to have the car cleaned….darn it looks great. Well, at any rate, my reason for checking in is not to bore you with my mundane life but I am trying to keep track of my commitment to losing some weight. I always try to stick to 100 to 1200 calories a day. I am at 1182 calories. I am also trying to commit to 5000 steps for the rest of the month. I used to be obsessed with 10 000 steps a day but my hip is the fallout so it has to be 5000. Yesterday I hit 9000+ and today I am at 9354. This was not however done with hard walking so it should be ok on my hip injury. Today was the 1041st day in a row that I have kept track of my calories and weight.

I have a whole list of phone calls to make tomorrow and the ortho is near the top of the list. The car’s bumper has a broken clip and the bumper is loose so I need to see if it is covered by the warranty.

Catch you later.

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