Hello! My name is Shishi

IMG_2098and I have a paper addiction. LOL

I went to Michaels looking for something and remembered that every time I go to Michaels I mean to pick up solids because I am always looking for solids when I am making projects on the Cricut. All of their paper was 70% off so I stocked up on every color in the rainbow. I am now set for life.

The cute items I found today. The phone is a stand for your phone.

I also took a spin around the Goodwill store for something to do. I used to have not Jean every week so now every second week I try and keep myself busy. I went and picked up some items at Trader Joes and then I came home to chill out and eat lunch at 2.45pm. Not very good planning to eat for the first time at 2:45pm but you know sometimes these things happen.

I am trying to ramp up the exercise again. I have been slacking off as my mood has been dark. I lose and gain the same 5 pounds all of the time so I am trying to get back on the right track and start losing weight again. I need to lose the 12 lb I have gained. I am keen to get rid of another 60 pounds but I will worry about that after the 12lb are gone. Tomorrow I am going to go to the geriatric aquasize tomorrow morning. I walked a mile today. I enjoyed the walk as it is always good for my soul but my darn hip was killing me again. For the first half of the walk, it was really painful but it was better on the way back. The pain gets me down because it restricts exercising. I am also going to go to restorative yoga which starts about an hour after the swimming class ends I will go ahead and chill out at the center until yoga starts. I do not share my weight. It is about 90 lb less than I used to way and I want to restart the fire. I am going to try and keep a record here of any weight loss. That is all you are getting through. That is about all I have to report today. I will keep you posted on the aquasize tomorrow…yikes.

Not sure what kind of flower but I took this on my walk today. 

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