Two for the price of one

Birthday Boy!…..54 today

Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life. This is a year my sister celebrated her birthday on Mother’s day and Lovie is celebrating his birthday today on Father’s day. Still waiting for a call or text from his boy…mmmm. Thank you for being such a wonderful dad to our boy. You have given him the world and you have loved him with such pride, joy, and exuberance. You have supported all of his endeavors with so much love.  He is so lucky to have a dad like you.

Happy Father’s day to my wonderful father Joy(Roy). You are a wonderful dad and papa. Thank you for everything that you do for the family. You drive us crazy but we love you very much. The grandchildren are very lucky to have a papa like you. We also remember Grandpa Charlie who would have been 89 on the 18th. A quirky turkey but one of the most brilliant minds I have ever met. He loved his children and grandsons. Rest in Peace Grandpa.

28618908_10156291159507422_2777326185521939716_oI never know what to buy this guy for his birthday and having to think about gifts for Father’s day and his birthday. This guy is impossible to buy gifts for so this year was a real headscratcher. He is busy at the moment converting all of our camcorder footage and VHS tapes into digital files and I remembered that he also has audio cassettes so I looked around for a cassette player. I found one that actually had a USB to make transfer easier. I also know that his shorts and short sleeve shirts could do with refreshing so I ordered him some new items. I am obviously not good at guessing his size because I have to send all three shirts back because they are all too big for him so it is back to the drawing board or should I say shopping cart. He has not shrunk…they are just too big..LOL

We always get to choose our birthday dinners so Lovie chose this wonderful upscale Indian restaurant called Broadway Masala in Redwood City ( I make no secret of the fact that I was thrilled that he chose it because I cannot really eat many things on the menu. What? Yes, I was thrilled that I cannot really eat Indian food. I am struggling with food at the moment and I am fighting with it daily so going somewhere were my choices are limited makes me way less stressed out. Lovie enjoyed his meal. This was his appetizer.

Potato and Apricot cakes with chutney. 

He ordered his Butter Chicken favorite. That is a digestive death sentence for me. I ordered Tandoori Lamb Chops. Not sure why they have to give you a whole rack of chops…yes…8 chops. Yikes. I had two and the other six will make a good dinner for us tonight. The service at this place is excellent and he really enjoyed his dinner.

Tandoori Lamb Chops

Lovie is working on considering building himself a new computer. We had a dork fest last night watching various youtube videos on building your own dream machine. Wow..we are really nerdy.

I am still feeling that it was a good idea to drop the statistics class. I felt some of the crippling anxiety lift a little knowing I do not have to spend the rest of the summer semester freaking out over math equations. The oceanography is as dull as dishwater but I think that I can muddle through it and get the science requirement out of the way. I have signed up for the intermediate algebra and the oceanography lab for the fall. I guess I will not be graduating at the end of July after all but my sanity will be a little more intact.

Well, that is all for now. If you are a dad or grandpa enjoy your day. Have a super week.

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