Know when to fold em!



Yesterday Nana and I did something we have not done in a very long time. We got in the car and went somewhere new. I realize how much my anxiety and depression robs me of lovely days like yesterday. I picked Nana up at 11 am and we went to Morgan Hill to stroll around Hobby Lobby. We have both visited it before but Nana in Texas and me in Wisconsin. It was way bigger than I anticipated but I think we both needed the change of scenery desperately. It was a lovely mindless stroll around looking at fun and kitschy items. I was actually pretty restrained. I think I spent about $60. I kept on picking up items and saying…I can make that with the Cricut. I can design that fabric…etc. I ended up finding vinyl and faux leather to make some Cricut projects. I also bought enough felt so that I can print out enough felt to make the projects below.

I think this is an adorable idea for a calorie-free gift. I am still looking for the ideal set pattern. If I find it or create it myself I will share it here at a later date.

We put off eating for so long the search for a lunch place was becoming a comedy of errors. We found the first place. It looked adorable but then it turned out that they were closed for lunch already so we opted for another coffee shop called Grind, Vines, and Automobilia….and this is where I know for sure that I am not plugged into the planet and not firing on all cylinders. We follow the map directions and kept on coming up blank. It was past 2 pm and I had pulled one of my no food at all that day tricks so I needed to get some food for sure. So we pulled into a lot and realized that it was the cafe a block from our parking. It was emblazoned with GVA cafe…DUH!!!!. I swear I am brain dead. Well it was a lovely little place and it’s was perfect. We split a sandwich and bag of chips and some nice drinks.

We then head home anticipating stopped traffic on the 101 and we were flying down the old Monterey highway at 60 mph so we decided to just stick on the old road until it got congested…I love it when back roads pay off. We were back in Santa Clara in about 35 minutes. We stopped off at this amazing new Whole Foods in Santa Clara so that I could pick up some ingredients for our dinner and then I dropped Nana at home. Thanks for a lovely day nana.

When I got home I again remembered that I had already dropped one class for the summer and I would no longer be graduating in 7 weeks. I decided to try again this morning once I was rested to attempt to sit and figure out the statistics and I could feel the anxiety building until it was choking me so I bit the bullet and pulled out of this class. I am being ridiculous. Not Jean would have to be dealing with a basket case the whole summer and poor lovie would have to live with the crazy. My anxiety was making me want to vomit. I am a little disappointed but it is what it is…You have to know when to fold em. I have signed up for the Intermediate Algebra for the fall instead of this Statistics class. I am at least familiar with the terms and I did pass the last Algebra class with a great grade…Why is this old woman worrying about math scores…bitch be crazy I tell ya?

I now have time to work on designs and spend time on the Oceanography class and get that done at least. I am still tightly wound today but I think that it is the best decision. I slept late. I feel clear headed. The San Carlos airconditioner(the clouds coming over the mountains from the ocean) has moved in and the day is light and breezy. The house is a perfect temperature so I just stayed home and quiet for the day.  Not Jean keeps telling me I will feel better if I practiced ” Gratitude”.I think I do because I am grateful for all of my daily blessings. I still need to figure out exactly what that looks like and means but I will get there. It is almost the weekend. It is father’s day and Lovie’s birthday on the same day. He wanted to go to a local Indian place for his birthday so I have made reservations for Saturday night. I always struggle to get this man gifts.  I have a few things but I cannot share because he does read the blog.

Here are some of my new fun mermaid designs products.

5029566_1 (2)

and this one


Tomorrow I have booked a yoga class and I need to rev myself up to go for a swim as well. Well, that is about all I have to share. Happy Friday tomorrow and Happy Work Anniversary to my sister Jo. I cannot believe you have been there a year already. You go girl. I love ya.


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