IMG_1961The average nothing fancy 3/2 bedroom townhouse in our neighborhood goes for about 1.5 million dollars these days, and I swear not a single house that we have lived in on this peninsula has ever had air conditioning. We are right on the San Francisco Bay and 99% of the time it is not necessary but jeepers it is freaking hot tonight. We have every window open, and we have fans blowing air into the house. When I arrived at not Jean today, it was 109deg. I sat outside until almost 9:30pm. It is never warm enough to sit outside. Luckily I just replaced the cushions on the patio, so it was not gross to sit out there. This was the view of the sky from my deck. I am sitting here in my office with the large floor fan literally 2 inches from my body. I am actually pretty comfy.


Now for the boy update. He is on his last antibiotics tomorrow. He went back to his Dr again today, and she was happy with his progress. Much to his disappointment, he was not given doctors note to excuse him from class. They did give him a pneumonia vaccination. I am so glad for that. He said that he was exhausted. He had to go to class at 4pm, so I hope that he was not too tired. He said he had to do a group project after class. He is really not enjoying this summer semester. I managed to get hold of the nutritionist, and I called the office and left a voicemail to arrange an appointment for the boy when he gets home.

I made a change to my own school schedule. I had a good chat with not Jean trying to figure out my fickleness. Should I go, should I not. The workload for the summer semester is very fast paced. I should be doing the Statistics, Oceanography and the lab for the Oceanography but I withdrew from the lab I will have to try and get on the waitlist for the fall. I just cannot imagine the long drive there and back in rush hour. It would mean a 5-hour commitment twice a week. My physical stamina is not stellar, so I  am really I thought it through this afternoon. It as a bad idea. So from tomorrow, I will be working every day to get these stupid classes done. It means my obtaining the degree is delayed but who the heck cares it is 30 years late anyway so what is another 6 months I guess. I also take this whole college thing way too seriously.

I think that my mental resilience is pretty pathetic. I left not Jean feeling more confused than ever. I just wish that I could build a stronger layer of mental stamina so that I can be stronger than I am. I am not sure if it will ever be there. She always says that I should pay attention and practice gratitude. I am not offended, and I think I know what she means, but I really think I do practice gratitude every day.

Well, there is Monday gone. Have a good week. I hope that if you are in the Northern hemisphere that you are staying cool. Remember to tell the people you care about that you love them. Be kind.

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