Shit’s getting real…scary

Hi everyone. I hope that this finds you all hanging on safely. This is spiraling fast. We have not left the house for three days except for me going to the grocery store for a few things at 10 pm this evening. This is the sight that greeted me in the bread and milk isles….

It is getting scarier by the day

The pandemic is worldwide and getting extremely scary. The kiddo let us know today that he will be home until April at least. NYU, Santa Clara University, Skidmore, Berkeley, and SJSU are all closing now and the kids have to do classes online. I cannot wait for him to get here safely. I am sure…

Here today, gone tomorrow

How long has it been since I have written a blog? It has to be at least a month. Time just seems to run away sometimes. My childhood friend who now lives in Australia with her family arrived two weeks ago for a whirlwind visit. In the blink of an eye, they were gone again….

Back in the groove and yes I am still alive

So I finally have been in the mood to actually sit down and type this blog. In general, my mood is so much better and holding its own. I am on half my medication and since it was reduced I have been using CBD oil every night. I am wondering if that is making a…

Two for the price of one

Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life. This is a year my sister celebrated her birthday on Mother’s day and Lovie is celebrating his birthday today on Father’s day. Still waiting for a call or text from his boy…mmmm. Thank you for being such a wonderful dad to our boy….

Postcards from the edge

So I turned some of our vacation photos into a fabric pattern for a vintage postcard competition at I added various filters to my photos until I got the desired effect of making them look like old fashioned postcards. I was very happy with the final result. I ordered some fabric so I can…

Here we go again

So I found the photos that I had taken of the room after my mini office conversion. It is working out very nicely. The desk is perfect for my laptop and the new Cricut machine. I can also push the Cricut back under the shelf and remove my laptop if I want to sew. What…

Not as weird as it sounded

Last night I mentioned that I was falling asleep in the boy’s room. No, I am not sleeping in his room. I have converted it into an office for myself as I mentioned before and I was working on my laptop and falling asleep. I do find it comforting to be in here for sure….