Teal Feather’s Studio open for business but closed for Boy’s visit.

Finished Build

So I am sitting here proud to say that I have completed the build and organization. It was sort of therapeutic I guess as I have been feeling so angry lately and it is amazing that it survived the mallet in my hands. Well now it is all ready for use and it will be closed up for 6 weeks as the guy is arriving from New York this evening. I cannot wait to see him. I know that it has only been a few weeks since the fly by night Thanksgiving visit but I am looking forward to hearing the singing in the room upstairs again. I am sure that we will not see him much but that is ok as it will be nice to have him around again. I cannot wait to hug his skinny self again. I just chatted with him on the plane and he says that he is doing ok.

The big news is that I am officially done with school. I had to crack up because I was so convinced that I would not graduate as the Oceanography class was scaring me. Well I ended up with 95 on the final and an overall grade of 92…Crazy. My Math ended up at 95 and I think that the Advanced PhotoShop should be around 94. So I will be graduating with honors with a degree in Digital Art and Animation and a Graphic Design Degree. It is only an Associates degree but for me it means a lot. It was my fight back to being near normal again after being sick. I want to give kudos to a few people. The person that inherited the mess(that was me)from the doctors was Jean. She must have wanted to run a mile when that hot mess of a human stepped into her office that first time. Thank you Jean for all of your kindness, patience and cajoling and helping to convince me to step outside my front door and go and try a class in something I enjoyed. I was so unsure, scared and had zero faith in my abilities at that time. It was her coaxing that helped me once again believe in myself and lead me to keep on taking classes. I can remember many missed classes because I was freaked out and could not cope with the outside world but she kept on with her gentle prodding. This lady has the patience of Job and I am forever grateful to her for being a sane voice in my head when mine was let us say a tad befuddled. Then thanks to Billy and Not Jean for pushing me over the finish line. Billy also had to hear all my insecurities and panic and he was also always kind loving, gentle and patient. Not Jean encouraged me to keep it up to get to the finish line so between the three of them and their support, patience and help got me over the finish line. I am going to take 6 months off to figure out what is next.Not sure where this will take me but after some long chats with Not Jean I think it will be good not to go to school for anything next semester. I was tempted because I like the idea of Architectural drawing but I think I will work on figuring out where to hone my skills and what ultimately gives me the most joy..now if that could translate into an income that would be wonderful as well.

The other night we attended our friend’s annual Christmas Party. She is a former work colleague of Bill’s and she is obsessed with the color purple. She goes by the name Ms Purple. It was her 30th annual party and so we had to attend. It had been moved a week due to multiple conflicts and so it was on my 53rd birthday last Saturday. We moved our planned dinner a day so that we could attend. There was just no way we could not go. That would be odd as Bill is the only one that has attended all 30 parties. She is a huge foodie so she supplied us with food from Nobu this year. It was really good.

The purple house and the love of my life…dear old Billy one.

So the following evening we went to my birthday dinner at the Village Pub in Woodside. It is a really special place and great for a special occasion. It was excellent and we had a great evening. The food was delicious. Putting aside the food issues for one night at least.

Well, let me sign off. I need to close up the craft mothership and get ready for dinner and then off to the airport to get that New Yorker from the airport. Chat later and Happy Holidays.

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