Let pretend…for 5 minutes.

We got together with these beautiful young people yesterday to pretend for five minutes that they are still our babies. We have not got it right every year but we do sometimes try to do a cookie decorating party so yesterday we did just that. It makes you feel nostalgic for simpler days. They actually enjoyed sitting at the table and decorated cookies and chatted along with us. They are all so loveable with some…mmmmm Georgie having more attitude than others. They are all so different and still love one another dearly like they are siblings. You know they are all grown up when two take off to the piercing store to change out a nose ring and another one grabs her keys to get to her job. The baby of the bunch was the only one left and she went shopping with her mama.

It was good to hang with Nana, Papa and my sisters. Papa came over for a while to see his boy.

Today I have an appointment with Not Jean and then I want to go and finish off all the food shopping for Christmas eve and Christmas day. We normally have a quiet dinner for the three of us on Christmas eve and then we are off to the funny farm to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. I will post pictures of the celebrations in an upcoming blog.

We are so proud of our young man. He got his final grades from school and ended the semester with a 4.0 GPA. He is doing so well and thriving with his friends in New York. He is so grown up and competent and seems to be so happy and contented.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will post family pictures after Christmas. Blessings for a peaceful and wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah wherever you may be. Stay warm or cool whichever Hemisphere you might occupy.

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