How the heck do I do this?

New Years Eve

It has been almost two months and every time I head this way to write I lose my nerve. The Reader’s digest version of the past two months. The boy was home for almost 8 weeks and it was so wonderful having him home. He was around , doing his own thing and spending a lot of time creating his music. He released a new song before Christmas and a another when he returned to school. The boy has mad skills for someone who has not had a music lesson in years. I have added the links to the music at the bottom of this blog.

So where am I right now. I am lost. I am confused and I cannot figure out how to move along with the design business. I think I now have a clear vision that I want to make it as a fabric designer. I get great joy out of doing the fabric continuous designs. There is something very satisfying at making these designs. I love doing it. I just need to figure out a plan on how to go about it. I am busy reading and exploring ideas from people who have made a business out of fabric design.

I am still having the fight with food but it is a little tamer right now. The anxiety has been getting the better of me some days but again it takes daily work. My cardiologist was experimenting with my BP meds and the meds he chose were giving me serious joint aches and pains. I was miserable. This was just not fun and it was affecting my mood. I finally went to see my own doc and she has changed them and I feel like a new person. My hip is actually behaving and I have been walking again and loving the feeling it gives me. I also went to Restorative Yoga yesterday and I left with no aches. I have even tried Acupuncture and I think that this has really helped the aching hip. So at the moment I am in a better place. I now am working on channeling this energy into eating healthy and getting exercise. The BP tablets made me balloon with water weight and it made me very upset as I have worked far to hard to lose the weight to have a medication mess that up for me.

I hope to take more time to keep this blog up to date. Enjoy the music.

The latest release

Another release.

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