2020….What a BS start to the year!

Spring blossoms

So this is turning out to be a shitty start to a new year. I have no excuse for not writing except that my anxiety has been so crippling again and I have just not been in the mood to write. However, I have been trying to do positive things to help with the awful sense of dread. My whole body had been aching and throbbing and I was walking like a cripple. I was convinced that something was wrong. I was set to have another MRI and I was doing PT for my hip and back. In desperation, I went to have a Medical Massage and acupuncture. I was so sick and tired of being in pain. I was convinced it was the BP med that the Cardiologist had prescribed. I went to see my regular doctor and she took me off of the Losartan. WOW!…within a few days I was 200% better. I am pain-free. I have been walking again and going to yoga. The last piece of the puzzle is getting rid of the anxiety. I get so bad on some days that I want to throw up and then the Corona Virus hit the world.

I am going to try and write more often as I was to record what is unfolding in the world from my point of view. This is not to record facts and figures or opinions but just my gut reactions and mood on any particular day during this unfolding nightmare.
So NYU in Florence is closed and NYU is still open for now. They have closed Stanford University. My boy will be home on Thursday and I do not know whether they will be going back. I guess it depends on how this unfolds in the next few weeks. I cannot wait to have him home but I hope that it is not going to be a constant argument with him wanting to go to San Francisco. When you are young you inevitably presume that you are invincible. I am still going to be so thrilled to have him home.
The running joke on Facebook seems to be the obsession that the western world has with stocking up on toilet paper. I got ahead of the game. I did not go stir crazy but three weeks ago I saw the writing on the wall and purchased food to last us a few weeks if we were stuck at home. We have had “earthquake food” that is in a sealed container and is already 12 years old. We decided to crack open one of them to see what we are dealing with. Oh my goodness it is atrocious. The first one we made was called Ala king. It was inedible. We are trying one package of each one to see just how bad they are. Well, today we tried the bean and lentil soup. It was at least edible and very bland. I am thinking for the next seven items I will post pictures of it. So I am sure you will be chomping at the bit to see the delicious offering from Costco’s 12-year-old emergency food.

Ala king

I have been trying to find a new way to approach my days. I am wanting to get the business going but to be honest I cannot figure it out. I am floundering around in the dark but I keep plodding along. I am so clueless about the business side. It is fun to enter all of the fabric design competitions. Struggling with isolation is disheartening. I finally plucked up the courage to get out of my shell for a little bit. I am now working as a front desk volunteer at a local food bank. Tomorrow will be my second day. I also have an appointment with not Jean.

Ok everyone. Stay safe. Wash your hands and avoid crowded places. Have a good week.

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