It is getting scarier by the day

The pandemic is worldwide and getting extremely scary. The kiddo let us know today that he will be home until April at least. NYU, Santa Clara University, Skidmore, Berkeley, and SJSU are all closing now and the kids have to do classes online. I cannot wait for him to get here safely. I am sure it is going to be a treat to get an invincible 20 years old to stay away from San Francisco but this is not something we can mess with. We have prepared and we are ready to hunker down now. They are thinking of shutting down the subway system in Manhattan. I was watching them “cleaning” the cars on the news. Well, it is all well and good to clean every subway car but how about giving the poor people doing the cleaning some protective clothing.

I volunteered today but I must say that although I again did enjoy the experience I was upset by the glee of the women there at the hope that the President fucks this up. I kid you not. This is a worldwide disaster and they are hoping that he fucks up…which means in my opinion that they want people to die to prove their point. In a time that we need to pull together, this is how they are thinking. I am not sure I can go back. They left me feeling even lower than I had before. I did have my appointment with not Jean but I am so freaked out I found it hard to even talk to her today. It was weird.

It is so bizarre that the whole of Italy is under quarantine. I am expecting it to be us any time now. I get so worried about my parents because of the senior housing that has people from all over the world. My sister and niece are a worry as well as they are both immunocompromised. I wish my niece’s college would call it and close as well so we can get her home. Lovie is still working at the office. So far they have not been told to work from home. I have a dentist appointment coming up as well as a nutritionist appointment at our local medical building so I am thinking of canceling both.

The cruise ship that was stuck off the coast of San Francisco has finally been allowed to dock in Oakland. There are sick people on board and they are taking everyone off slowly so that they can be quarantined.

Well everyone….Stay safe. Wash your hands, Purell and God Bless you.

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