Twenty Four More hours

The boy will be home in 24 hours. He was supposed to arrive on Thursday night but his midterm for tomorrow was canceled and so I told him to get the heck out of dodge right away. The airlines can offer a full refund and they were able to rebook him on a flight tomorrow. The number of cases in Manhattan has more than doubled. The kids will not be back at school before the end of the month but I honestly think that they will not be going back. Harvard has given its students until the 15th to clear out their dorms and leave for the semester. This is bizarre and scary. We are living in a bad pandemic sci-fi movie. All that Hollyweird Bullshit popping out of the screen. MIT is also packing up and leaving. I am so sad for the Harvard grads who will have no graduation ceremony. All that hard work and no official graduation but rather safe than sorry.

I did not do much that you would consider thrilling. I had a medicine check with a Dr via a video consultation today…that was an effective way to do it. I had a little fun by creating a door decoration for the kiddo’s bedroom door. We love to pull his leg occasionally.

This the doorway to his new classroom and dorm in one.

I am still struggling with feeling so lost and depressed. I thought the degree would be a panacea for my frustration but it has not made things any better. It has not made me feel any better about my capabilities. Spinning my wheels constantly and life marches on. I guess we all just need to concentrate on staying alive and healthy. I drove over to the Indian grocery store after picking up my medicine at the supermarket and I went to pick up Dettol. If you are from certain countries such as India, South Africa, and Australia then you will know Dettol. I bought three bottles. I diluted it 50/50 in a tiny spray bottle and I am taking it to the stores when I go shopping so I can clean the carts. I also have tons of Dettol hand soap and it is a decent alternative to not being able to find Purell. I bought a bag of gloves to use for shopping as well. I want to keep myself and my family as safe as possible. Are any of you like me. I can get nothing done. Zero, nada, and zilch. So that is my report from today. I am sure the boy will chat with me while in the air. Tick Tock bring on tomorrow night so we have him home. To my family and friends all over the world. We love you and take care.

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