Boots and Baristas…Twelve days and counting.

img_0563No one has ever had as much fun in a part-time job as much as this guy. He cracks me up. He loves going to work every day and the people at work have been teaching him to be a Barista which is funny because his job finishes tomorrow. If I had to get up at 4:45am to go and make avocado toast for overprivileged brats or wash dishes I would be less than pleasant. He does not even leave when his shift is done so he can hang out with the people that work there.

Yesterday he finally got his dorm assignment. He is thrilled with the assignment. He is getting to live his dream. He will actually be living on Broadway in the artsy farty dorm building. He will find his tribe for sure. He has a two-person room so he only has to share a bathroom with one guy. The only worry is that there is no dining hall in that building and I do not trust him to eat enough. His skinny butt cannot afford to miss meals. He has to go to other buildings to get dinner. aa6ffa18-2cd9-4a4f-842d-c65af18528fbWe had to buy a few items of clothing for ourselves and so I got to buy snow boots for the trip. Actually nice and warm and I could probably use them here for the rainy season.

I actually got to sleep before midnight last night and I slept until 6 am and then I actually fell asleep again and then woke up at 10:45am. I feel a little human again but that churning anxiety is still under the surface…bubbling like hot lava. I want to go out this afternoon and buy the paper goods and snacks for his farewell party on Saturday. We are moving it to my sister’s house because it makes it easier for everyone. That way nana and papa do not have to travel here if it is raining. We booked our hotel last night. Nice and close to the dorms. We will be able to go shopping for necessities. His dorm room has even got place for a fridge and microwave. I think he has more closet space in that room than he has here at home. I told lovie that we did not need to do any touristy stuff but I think I want to go to MJ Trimmings again. That store is AMAZING. Walls and Walls of ribbons and patches and buttons…heaven. img_8393

Darn, this is tough on a parent. We are taking the strain. I know his dad is feeling it too. You raise them to leave but shit it is harder than you think. I wish I would have known this years ago. “Actual” Jean told me to be prepared two years ago but I wish I had known this 8 years ago. I know that I have made changes to have something for myself and I am still struggling. I am almost finished with my Digital Art and Animation degree and I am trying to formulate a way to get this business idea of mine off the ground. It is all stuttering and spluttering but I think I can get there eventually. Yesterday I started looking at some math classes on Khan Academy. I am amused at the prospect of actually having to pass two math classes in the next two semesters if I want to finish this degree. Heaven help me and my live-in tutor. Mr “Three degrees from MIT” has his work cut out for him. LOL.

I have been watching the weather in Manhattan and I have noticed that it is getting colder and colder. Oh Lord, this is going to be fun.



Happy New Year

So another year has gone. This one whizzed by..Shit now we are on a 21-day countdown until D Day. Darnit…I am starting to sweat…or panic….or freakout…whatever you want to call it. It would be great if the college would start sending the details. It would be nice to know which dorm to pay for and who his roommate will be.  The three of us always go out to dinner on New Year’s Eve but tonight it was just me and lovie. It is so odd because neither of us was feeling it tonight. We just went through the motions. We normally go high end but tonight we went to a Creole food restaurant in Palo Alto. Neither of us even finished our dinner. Now that is totally normal for me but Lovie is pretty good at being a finisher.

Now we are back home and lovey is playing a game and I am watching mindless youtube videos. Whoopedy Do..Happy New Year. Two old farts, farting around the house bored and waiting for the boy to come home. Why you need to go up into the hills of Woodside to have your new year fun. He is with some of his High school friends tonight. I cannot stand the road down the hill. I will not relax until he is home.

My sleeping issues are really bad at the moment. Last night must have been the worst night yet. I fell asleep at 4:30am. I actually fell asleep after Lovie got up to make sure that Max got up for work. I woke up about 5 hours later but I felt like hell on wheels. Damnit. This NYU thing is doing a number on my sleep. I have full on insomnia unless I drug myself. I felt like I was never sleeping again.  I am not a person who hangs around in my PJs but today after I crashed at 2pm I got up at 5pm and got dressed to go out tonight.

I am still waiting for the appointments for my iron infusions. I hope those are forthcoming very soon.

Well, I am buckling in for a very, very BUMPY ride in the next few months. God, I hope I am up for this. I know, I know you have to kick the chick out of the nest but it is so darn hard. I wish when they place them in your arms for the first time that they come with a book that tells you how shitty this is going to feel when they leave. You do your best and feel proud that you must have done something right when they are completely ready and competent..but it just does not make it easier.

Well, Happy New Year and may you have a prosperous new year. May the universe be kind to you this coming year.

Out of sorts


Grilled Lambchop and rice

This is not a food blog but I had to share this because it was so yummy to have a lamb chop for the first time in a long time. The kiddo was out until midnight so lovie and I went to dinner at a local little Japanese restaurant. The lamb chops were an appetizer and so I limited myself to just one chop and half of the rice. The rest will be dinner tonight. I can never allow myself to eat all the dinner. Not going to happen. I also had a small order of avocado roll. We came home and watched a movie until the boy graced us with his presence.



Warrior Roll


Today I spent the day finishing that ridiculous cartoon for my class and doing the laundry. It is done, it is imperfect and I do not care. I just got my grade back on that walking rotoscope video I shared a few weeks ago and I got 95% so this one will have to do. All of my English is done for the semester so I can chill out and spend time on designs for the next few weeks. The boy is out filming today. Last night I was so ticked. He was up in the Santa Cruz mountains behind the school with his friends. I cannot stand it when they go up the mountain because the road is very windy with steep dropoffs. Teenagers.Arghhh It ruined my evening because it made me very anxious again. I am struggling today. I did try and work on my penny-farthing design for the competition to try and keep my mind off of the boy and his shenanigans. Tonight we have to put our foot down and make him commit to a college. I will lose my shit if he tries to weasel out of committing to a school. He needs to pay his deposit. I do not want him waiting until the last night. That is inevitably a drama because the computers normally crash due to volume. I will keep you posted. Happy Sunday and have a wonderful, fabulous and fantastic week. Can you believe it is almost May already?