Postcards from the edge

Wyoming-postcardslowlowSo I turned some of our vacation photos into a fabric pattern for a vintage postcard competition at I added various filters to my photos until I got the desired effect of making them look like old fashioned postcards. I was very happy with the final result. I ordered some fabric so I can make a cushion for the guest bed.

Click here to purchase items with this design.


I really like the result. At least that kept me busy for a while. This week is a week without seeing not Jean and I am getting pretty used to stretching it out but I must be honest that I am feeling a little on shaky ground today. I am a little wonky and not feeling extra strong. It is odd because I now am feeling better after a week of antibiotics for the UTI and even though it was a little late I got to bed before two and got a solid 8 hours. I had the energy to go shopping at Costco and drop off three items I sold online this weekend. By the time I got home, I had broken the nutritionist cardinal rule and not yet eaten for the day and it was almost 2pm. I had bought roast chicken and pickles at Costco so that is what I had for lunch. Roast chicken and a handful of fresh pickles. I then spent the afternoon trying to figure out why my laptop was being impossible and then I made 6 medical appointments for July…yes 6. That brings July to 7 appointments. Crazy, they are annual checkups and also I need to see a cardiologist about my newly discovered malfunction. I thought the other cardiologist was extremely rude and condescending so my regular doc gave me the name of another doctor so I will go and try again. After the hell they put me through I will not take crap from them. Also, my hematologist retired so I need to go and see the new doc about my anemia issues. I also want to change my orthopedic specialist. My hip is giving me so much trouble. I am so annoyed that I cannot exercise. I am hobbling around with a stupid limp and bursitis/ sciatica bullshit is working on my nerves. As a result, weight is a nightmare. Down 2lb, Up 2lb, repeat.  Lord that is a lot of visits for someone who is pretty healthy. Thank goodness mostly preventative. I might as well set up home at the medical offices in July. So now that job is done.

I have put a to-do list next to the laptop and I am trying to make goals. My goal this week is to work on at least two designs, explore the indeed job website and work on a scarf design for my favorite aunt in South Africa.

My boy is still coughing up a storm in NY. He says he is convinced he has bronchitis. He is so darn cute. Boys can be entertaining to mother them.  He says that the food offerings in the dorms this summer are dismal so he has decided with his sidekicks that they are going to take turns making dinner. He does sort of know his way around a cooker so I would so love to be a fly on the wall when this prep goes down. I miss him so much but he really seems to be maturing so fast. I am so proud of him.

My classes start this Friday. I hopefully can slog through it so I can finally be done with my degree. I am really looking forward to being done and then starting the new architect courses. Do I just become a perpetual student because the business is spinning wheels? I never seem to be able to remain focused long enough. I think this contributes to the angst.

Hopefully, I will get my shit together and get to yoga tomorrow. If I get down on the floor then hopefully I will be able to get up off the floor.LOL. I know if I was able to be physical my mood would lighten.

Titons, with a Starry night filter.

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