Happy New Year

So another year has gone. This one whizzed by..Shit now we are on a 21-day countdown until D Day. Darnit…I am starting to sweat…or panic….or freakout…whatever you want to call it. It would be great if the college would start sending the details. It would be nice to know which dorm to pay for and who his roommate will be.  The three of us always go out to dinner on New Year’s Eve but tonight it was just me and lovie. It is so odd because neither of us was feeling it tonight. We just went through the motions. We normally go high end but tonight we went to a Creole food restaurant in Palo Alto. Neither of us even finished our dinner. Now that is totally normal for me but Lovie is pretty good at being a finisher.

Now we are back home and lovey is playing a game and I am watching mindless youtube videos. Whoopedy Do..Happy New Year. Two old farts, farting around the house bored and waiting for the boy to come home. Why you need to go up into the hills of Woodside to have your new year fun. He is with some of his High school friends tonight. I cannot stand the road down the hill. I will not relax until he is home.

My sleeping issues are really bad at the moment. Last night must have been the worst night yet. I fell asleep at 4:30am. I actually fell asleep after Lovie got up to make sure that Max got up for work. I woke up about 5 hours later but I felt like hell on wheels. Damnit. This NYU thing is doing a number on my sleep. I have full on insomnia unless I drug myself. I felt like I was never sleeping again.  I am not a person who hangs around in my PJs but today after I crashed at 2pm I got up at 5pm and got dressed to go out tonight.

I am still waiting for the appointments for my iron infusions. I hope those are forthcoming very soon.

Well, I am buckling in for a very, very BUMPY ride in the next few months. God, I hope I am up for this. I know, I know you have to kick the chick out of the nest but it is so darn hard. I wish when they place them in your arms for the first time that they come with a book that tells you how shitty this is going to feel when they leave. You do your best and feel proud that you must have done something right when they are completely ready and competent..but it just does not make it easier.

Well, Happy New Year and may you have a prosperous new year. May the universe be kind to you this coming year.

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