Root Canals et all

oneveryoldgoatand3youngerones..jpgI forgot to post this one of us three girls with the old goat….oops I mean Mama. Well, more like three old ladies with their older lady mother…whatever…I am waffling….must be the meds.  Today I had my broken tooth repaired and found out that both of the teeth at the back need a root canal or they need to be removed. My initial knee-jerk response was that I wanted them out. But then after thinking about it would have required work anyway and then eventually more work to put in the implants so tomorrow I have an appointment at an endodontist to have the root canal done. I will repeat my medication regimen from today of one Ativan when I leave home and one when I get there. I see that this guy offers laughing gas so I say bring it on. My approach to avoiding drugs or treatments that make me feel out of control are becoming more appealing. A glass of wine and an Ativan was wonderful on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. No chance of getting addicted but it is about time I cut loose a little. Always so buttoned down and restrained by my own rules and regulations. God knows the food rules and regulations are exhausting by themselves. Post note. A root canal is done. It turned out too bad. I was not aware that you can do a root canal by drilling a small hole right down the middle of the temporary. For some reason that made it easier to cope with. It was also great to find out that only one tooth needed work…and no laughing gas BTW. Now, most of my teeth repairs are done.

I guess this is the season to get all of the medical crap out of the way. I have a stress test echocardiogram coming up and the Hematology department emailed me to say I need iron infusions again. Let us hope they do not make me put on another 10 lb. I am not a happy camper ending this year 10 lb heavier.  Then onto a healthier new slimmer year…hopefully.

I so wish that NYU would hurry up and start communicating details such dorm and roommate allocation. I have been watching the weather, and it is hairy. In the next 10 days, there is a distinct downward trend…..yikes…a couple of days in the 20s. We just do not have appropriate clothing. Max and I had to get a jacket and boots. I am such a woos. I am so scared of falling on an icy sidewalk and cracking my head..weird I know.

The boy finished up work in 12 days time. He has a nice tidy sum of cash to take with him but he has worked hard for that money and pretty much done it with a smile. I am not sure if I would come home singing and in a good mood after getting up at 4.30am to wash dishes and bus tables for 8 hours. No thanks.

No creativity has been forthcoming in this neck of the woods for the past two weeks. I have been on a couple of walks again..wonderful for sure. The restorative yoga is wonderful and I hope to make the swimming exercise a more regular occurrence in the new year…walking still does it for me. I just cannot tear around the lagoon to beat my mile records as I do not want to wreck my hip again.

Well, Happy New Year. I hope that 2019 is a good year for you.



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