Merry Christmas…tick tock

christmas2019bMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year. So, the picture above makes me smile. Every time we have a family gathering these four smartasses will insist on arguing with us that we never take pictures of them together and every time we win and take another photo of the four of them together. They crack me up with their protestations. So here we are celebrating another family Christmas. On Christmas Eve I cooked dinner for the guys.


Then yesterday we went to my sister’s for the Christmas celebration. My anxiety was out of control again on Christmas morning. I was in a tizzy by the time we headed out to the family. It really did a number on my stomach but once I relaxed(with a little helper) I had a good day. We all ate too much but everyone was in good spirits and we had fun with the wacky gift exchange game. This year we also added a fun game that I stumbled across online. I wrapped up small gifts into 200 yards of clingwrap. We were in hysterics at the antics of people trying to unwrap really fast before the person recovered a gift. As usual, there was a way too much food. We relaxed and then gave Max the job of playing Santa this year. The Shutterfly books containing all of our childhood photos was a great success. It is nice to know that now we all have copies of our childhood photos.

imagejpeg_0 2

Now after a short reprieve, we now return to marking off the days until the boy heads off to school. I guess there is no getting away from it so it is time to suck it up and deal. Thrilling. I guess millions of moms have done it before and survived so I need to deal with it. He is more than ready to get started for sure. I might try and write more often as we head towards d day…if for no other reason than just making myself cope with the loss.

Tomorrow I need to have a tooth repaired. I just love the dentist. Thrilling I cannot wait.

I have not been doing very much in the creative vane. No feelings of creativity or inspiration at the moment. I am sure that it will be back. I have actually walked twice this week. So nice to be out there again. The walking still is so good for my soul. Hopefully, I will make it to Restorative Yoga and again on Friday. I find it interesting how it can shift your mind and spirit.

Peace and good vibes to all.

Some other pictures from Christmas.

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