It’s up to you New York,…………

IMG_2627It has been so long since I shared on my blog that our trip to NY is a distant memory in the rearview mirror. The trip was a suggestion from Not Jean and it was the best suggestion ever. I am still fretting but seeing the area and the campus made it not seem as hairy as I thought it would be. Lovie got a fantastic hotel and we were on the 20th floor. The picture below is the view from our room. I could lie in bed or stand in the shower and look at the magnificent freedom tower. Kiddo had a room with a view of the Empire State building and the Chrysler building. I could have stayed up there all day and looked at the view. 6waPRQx6TcGkpcr0Cxxf0A

On the first day, we took a walk to the NYU campus around Washington Square and we let the boy go ahead and explore by himself. He has no idea how we cried after he walked away with his usual strut and confidence.

We plotted out the lay of the land with regards to dorms. The buildings are all very secure so you cannot really go into very many buildings. A big relief for me. We also took the opportunity to splurge on NYU swag.

We had not visited NY for a vacation since 2006 although we passed through to tour NYU last summer. Lovie really does like to spoil us. We had the front row mezzanine center tickets for Dear Evan Hanson. Only Broadway could make a spectacular show about teen suicide. The music is truly lovely. Pasek and Paul are so talented.

We also decided that we would go and pay our respects at Ground Zero. It was very moving to see the memorials but I just think it is not reverent enough. I just think that it needs some sort of a  barrier around the names. People do not think about the magnitude of the tragedy and so they lean all over the plaque. I even accidentally rested my purse on the wall. The last time we visited it was a construction zone. They have done a beautiful job with the memorial

One of the exciting things I got to do is go shopping at the famous Mood fabric store and there is this amazing trimmings store called MJ Trimmings. I have never seen trimmings like that before. Mood was over the top and mind-blowing. So much more than you can even imagine if you are a Project Runway fan. We also went to Chelsea Market and to walk the Highline. The Highline was my kinda thing. I loved the mixture of urban rawness and nature together. It was a highlight for me. I love street art so I took many pictures of all of the street art around New York.

The rest of the trip was just walking around going shopping at Macy’s and letting the boy spend a day on his own shopping in Soho. I hate to admit it but he does belong there. I cry every day and my anxiety is pretty chronic but I know that he belongs there.

So since we have been back I am back at school. Nothing much has changed there. Still tedious but plodding along. I also decided to consolidate my yoga and Water aerobics into one place. I have joined our local JCC. Kiddo used to go to preschool there. I must say that I really like being there. The water exercise skews older but she makes us really work hard. I liked it better than the other classes I was taking. I was a little less enthused by the first Restorative class but the woman that lead the class today was so sweet. She was fussing over me…not something that normally would thrill me but I was not offended by her fussing over my bolster, blankets, and position.  I plan on going to swimming again tomorrow. I might do yoga and well before I go to Not Jean for my weekly appointment. I am super weepy and anxiety-ridden as well but being at the JCC from 8:45-1pm today was wonderful. I cannot believe that I managed to stay out of the house for that long.

I have started a separate clothing line called Strawberry Monkee. I want to keep it separate from the Teal Feather brand. I plan on making it simple child-centered designs. I have signed up for two Christmas fairs for my scarves. I am still struggling with putting myself out there but I need to give it a try.

Well, that is about all it takes to catch you up on my life. I need to try harder to keep this current.

Thanks for stopping by.

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