Boring as bleep

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Hello, world. Nothing much to report lately so I have been MIA for a while. I have been caught up in a lot of nothingness. I actually went to school this week. OMG, the instructor is more boring than he has ever been. Lord a real snore-fest. One of the classes I have to complete and the other is one about an Adobe product I really wanted to learn about. I might as well just take his class notes and do it alone because that is all he does anyway. This backpack was designed during his last class. I even played the Sims.

I have been swimming this past week. Still loving my geriatric swim. I also went to yoga last night. So relaxing. I am hooked on the Restorative Yoga and I also enjoy the other yoga as well. Had my appointment with the nutritionist on Tuesday and I have realized that I have really improved the way I think when it comes to food…I still have many kinks to iron out but I am getting there. The woman is a saint.  I am still working through other stuff with the therapist as well. She is really helping. I think I have finally figured out how to interact with her. It has taken me a full six months to figure her out.

The boy has been working a lot of hours. It is great to keep him busy and to fill his pockets with money to take to college. He is really coining it when you add in his tips. He should have a tidy sum by the time he heads off to college.

In a few weeks, we are leaving for NYC to go and walk around and experience NYU in session and to get the lay of the land and to see where the dorms are etc. I am hoping that this will bring it all home to me so that I can really accept the transition. Only time will tell I guess. Today I need to spend time on my homework for the snorefest classes.

So have any of you tried CBD gummies? I have found the magic formula for a good night’s sleep. An Ativan and a 750mg CBD gummy has done the trick for me. I am getting a good night’s sleep with that formula at last. I cannot tell the Dr that I am doing that combo but it works for me. If I do not take it then I am awake until all hours of the night.

Enjoy your weekend.


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