Another week I guess

Geogie is off to college
The girl and her crazy family on move-in day

I cannot believe it is a week since we all traipsed down to the sea to take our girlie to college. All the women cackling and helping her move into the dorms. She was a good sport about it. Gotta love this girl. It went pretty smoothly. I am taking my hubby and kiddo to go and visit her on Tuesday.

This week I went to school. I am a little freaked out by this odd cookie who got in the elevator with me and introduced himself as…? As he left he said to me, You have beautiful feet. I laughed it off, but at the next class he came over to say hi( no problem with that) and proceeded to kiss me on the cheek. Firstly, do not touch me I do not know you. Secondly, I am old enough to be your mother and very happily married. I am so stressed out by this. On Thursday I need to be at school from 11-4pm, and so I was dying to run away from him. I managed to hide successfully. You can never be too careful these days.

I went to my geriatric swim exercise again. For some odd reason, I can honestly say that I love it. I also made it to restorative yoga last night. I had a fellow yoga person ask me about my yoga shirt and jacket that I was wearing. It was one of my designs. I am thrilled when someone asks me about it. I was also thrilled that in the latest Spoonflower competition my design below came in 66th out of 533. I am moving up the ranks. My first goal is the top ten, and then I want to win one. (it is the fabric I am talking about)IMG_7841The anxiety is not letting up. I am so miserable most days. On Mon and Tuesday I was not too bad but Thursday and yesterday it was so uncontrollable and not even the restorative yoga did not help. I am so done with this shitty feeling.

I have homework to take care of, and then I need to start designing some scarves for the fall and maybe some shirts for Halloween.  I will post them here once I get moving.

Tonight we are going to Shakespeare in the park. The kiddo had this fantastic drama teacher in Elementary and middle school, and she always came to his high school plays. We are returning the kindness and taking our dinner to the park to watch her play. She is such a wonderful cheerleader of the kiddo’s acting career so far.

Here goes another week of fighting the ever-present monster on my back. When I shed it, I will be so elated, but until then I will slog on. Happy Labor day weekend. It is almost Fall, and the stores already have the cloying smell of fall drinks. Happy Weekend.