Rocking the exercise

IMG_7855Look at these rings. This is the best day ever as far as exercise goes. This fat girl would never have believed a few years ago that she was capable of going to two exercise classes in one day, Yesterday I once again went to the geriatric water exercise and I just really kick it up to make up for the fact that it is a geriatric class. Cannot let these ladies who are older than my mom show me up. I then went to downtown San Mateo and sat and had a gingersnap iced coffee and avocado toast at Philz coffee shop with all the hipsters on their laptop. In my truest ditz form, I opened my headphones and the case was empty so I could not sit and relax with youtube. I had to go ahead and read the depressing internet instead. I had to kill time before I went to see not Jean. I was not in the mood for her and I did not even know what I would talk about and wouldn’t you know it it was productive.

I got sad news from an old friend in South Africa. Her mother passed away last night. RIP Joan Blewett

I love anything Japanese so I felt like a walk around the little Japanese store in San Mateo and then I went home. I do not know how but I managed to go to my Yin Gentle class as well. I really slept well last night. My whole body is a little stiff but thank God my weight is down a little.

Tomorrow is D day for my niece. Nana and I are driving in convoy to her college so that we can be there for the move in. I predict a lot of tears of joy and sadness.

Well, I guess I better sign off. I am sitting in class and it is about to start.


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