Swim Geriatric Swim


A purse I whipped up with my own design fabric. No pattern just winging it as usual.

These five newborn dresses that I completed this week. I am all kinds of creative this week. Now if I could just come up with satisfactory fall designs for my scarves.

I have been searching for all kinds of physical activities to help quell the anxiety issues. In our local rec department, I found these two aquacise classes. I will be attending both classes. I tried out the class yesterday and although it was geriatric and I mean GERIATRIC..(I was the youngest by at least 20 years) I am just not going to let that bother me. I need to work out and water is a good place for me to be so that I do not hurt my hip anymore than it is already. I love being in the water and tomorrow is a lesson in the deep end so that should be even better than the Monday class.

This past weekend we had a family gettogether to say goodbye to our niece who is going to college on Friday. Thank goodness she is just a 90 min drive away, Nana and I are going with on Friday to set up her room. It made me cry because it means that our guy is next even though it will only be in late January.

Today I am writing this in my Coding for Designers class. Everything and everyone is working on my nerves today. Everyone seems to be moving in slo-mo. I think it is time for some CBD oil and a lorazepam so I can calm down. Tomorrow I am going to the swimming exercise class and then I will head down to San Mateo and chill at a coffee shop and ear some lunch until it is time to go to Not Jean who I am not too excited about seeing,

I have been reading some very interesting articles about something called Post Sepsis Syndrome. I am sure that this is why I cannot seem to break free from the PTSD and anxiety. I had sepsis 3 1/2 years ago and I often get frustrated that I still struggle so much with anxiety. I also really struggled to recover mentally and for the first year, I thought I would be cognitively impaired forever. My memory still sucks sometimes but I now can actually concentrate in class and understand things easily again. I am very convinced that it is a real thing. Not using it as a scapegoat but I am now convinced that it is real.

Chat with you soon. I am sitting here relaxing and watching my favorite family vlogs.

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