No way…never again

So I made it to that yoga class. OH my god. I go to yoga to relax and this class was a nightmare. The coach did not shut up for even one second. I wanted to scream. Secondly, i do not like people touching my hair and she touched it. Then when I could not do some things I sat down and she had to come over and draw attention to me. It was humiliating. I arrived at not Jean completely frazzled. She was not that helpful again this week. She is so hard to explain. She is not entirely useless and really lovely but give me some feedback for goodness sake and stop using your lip balm. She did have some valid reminders that I should be doing so I came home and did write in my journal again. I told her that I have not journaled in a long time. I got home and pulled up the journal on my iPad and realized I had actually written two weeks ago and I was pretty much in the same state of mind. It really weirded me out that I had no recollection of writing that in pretty much the same mood as I was on Wednesday.

Yesterday I was back in school and it was nice to be back. Looking good with regards to the weirdo count in the class. I am also doing an online class. I think this will keep me busy. Next Wednesday I plan on going to a water exercise class. I want to go and give it a try. The kiddo and I tried a whole bottle of CBD gummies. He asked me to buy him some more. I realized that the strength was very low so I bought myself a tincture. Let us see if that helps naturally with the problem.

I finished creating the 100-page Shutterfly photo book of the kiddos high school years. Darn, that boy had a ton of drama pictures on the school website. He was literally in a couple of thousand pictures. The two plays in which he had the lead had hundreds of pictures focused on him. I had a nice variety to choose from. It turned out really nicely.

Well here we are at another weekend. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.




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