Stop eating already


Arghhh! I have been struggling to lose the weight that I have been carrying since I put on 10 lb after my iron infusion. I had lost 3-4 lb and I have been pretty much in control and then yesterday and today the binge monster has been uncontrollable. I always try and stay at the most 1200 calories and yesterday it was about 2000 and today at least 1600. So what is wrong with that you may say. Well, anything over 1200 calories and I start ballooning up like a fat pig. Also, two days in a row is extremely weird. I wanted to go and try the Iyengar Yoga and I was too tired and sleepy. I am hoping to go to the Wednesday class instead. I have to laugh because of I was all geared up to go to school tomorrow and it only starts on Thursday. What a complete ditz.

I have recorded the kiddo’s whole life in Shutterfly books. Strangely enough I have never seen the fun in scrapbooking. I have one for every year of his toddlerhood and then for each school year and our many vacations. However, I have never done any books covering his high school or the theater years. So I have taken on the epic task. The school website literally has thousands of pictures for each play and seeing that he was a lead or major part every time there are a lot of pictures of him. I think this is going to take a good few weeks to do it right. I have so many projects on the go trying to keep my mind busy. The anxiety is pretty awful and I think that this is triggering the eating. I can only hope that tomorrow is a little better.

The kiddo worked from 8-2pm and then he went to a friend. I saw him for about 30 minutes and then he headed out to meet up with his middle school class of 2014. They are all having a last goodbye before heading off to college.

Happy Monday. I hope your week gets better by the day. Peace





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