I feel so funky

copyright50dressesI did not realize that I had not written since Tuesday. I meant to report back that not Jean went from being Not Jean to Almost Jean…LOL….Therapy was helpful this week. I went to the south bay on Friday and went to breakfast with two of my girlies and Nana and my sister. We went to this cute diner. Restorative yoga was so rejuvenating on Friday night. I really needed it. Yesterday we had a quiet day at home, and the kiddo went out to be with his original wolfpack(7 kids he has known since Kindergarten) and lovie, and I went out for Peruvian dinner. It is a lovely cuisine. We love our ethnic food. I spent the last few days working on two designs for fabric design, competitions on Spoonflower.com. The design above is my entry for a 1950s theme. The design below is for the 1960s design competition. coopyrightgroovysixtiesblack

I think that this week I need to start working on fall and holiday designs for scarves. In my last blog, I mentioned that I cut out 6 little dresses. This is the first one that I have completed. I am working on the second one at the moment.IMG_1409

On Tuesday I start school. Tomorrow I am going to try out Iyengar yoga tomorrow morning. It is partially done on a belt system that is attached to the wall. I am not sure if I am capable but I am going to give it a try. Yoga does seem to help with the anxiety, even it is a little relief.

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping so my Dr gave me a sleeping tablet.  I have been relying on taking children’s Dimetapp as a sleep aid..Do not laugh! It actually works very well. The first night I took a half a sleeping tablet….Nothing. Second night a whole tablet…..Nothing. So when I saw her on Saturday I told her that the tablets were useless. She told me to take two. So last night I decided to give it a try. It took a while to work but I did conk out for the night. However, I have a massive sleep hangover today. I do not think I slept enough and I feel like I am sedated today. This evening I feel like I am ready to go and sleep and it is just past 6:30pm. I can’t win.

The kiddo is heading into his first 29 hour week at last. I think he is a little wistful as tomorrow his high school buddies go back to school and I think he is sad that he is not there. That kid loved his high school experience. He is enjoying his little coffee shop gig. I think for a boy who has led a very cushy life it is good for him to get his hands dirty. He has mainly been a floater and washed a lot of dishes in the past week. Ironically he is the official dishwasher specialist in this house.

I hope to get in more swimming this week. I have been 3 times now and love it. It will be too cold soon so I better take advantage of it. I have a busier week than I have had this summer. I am not doing any farmers markets until the end of the month. In two weeks time my niece, Georgie is off to college. We are making it a family affair. I am taking Nana and the kiddo to help her move in with her mama. I know that I am going to cry. We are all going to cry. I love that girl so much.

Here we head into a new week. May you have a stressfree and enjoyable week.

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