It’s the final countdown, superfood, and Japanese Cheesecake

img_8810I have been trying to get moving again. I miss the walks way too much. This is a shitty photo but I really enjoyed the cool crisp weather yesterday. I love the winter days when the sky is blue, there is no wind and it all seems calm. I am only making 1 mile but it is a good start.  I need to start taking the camera with me again. It will be great to get a nice walk in again. I cannot wait for the iron infusion. Putting the Christmas decorations away and the walk wiped me out. I needed a nap…ironic seeing as I cannot sleep at night.  So I dare not nap however exhausted I feel.

So, there are 18 days until wheels up to NYC for move-in day. The sleep issues have been pretty bad. I do not like relying on doping myself to sleep but you tend to get desperate when you are still awake at 4.30am. The tuition was paid yesterday…no more denial now. I still cannot understand why they have not given him a dorm assignment yet. Insanity. The boy is spending the night tonight with his elementary/Middle school gang that I affectionately call the PiepieJoller gang. PiepieJoller is a South African slang term for little tweens who hang around and party thinking they are cool. I gave them the nickname when they were in middle school. It is a great group of kids who all went to different high schools but still keep in touch. Four of them have been friends since kindergarten.  So once again I only have dinner to cook for Lovie. It is a pain in the ass to cook for one. I tried this “superfood” shake as my meal of the day. It was not bad. A little gritty but the nutty aftertaste was pretty decent. It helped me get half of my protein


Now for something completely different. I have been meaning to share the video of my Japanese Jiggly cake disaster. Here is a link to the actual recipe.

and here is my reality…Try not to laugh to kind ok..bwahhhh.

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