Look what the wind is dragging in

I remember this little boy.

So here we are, boy boy has finished his first semester of college and he is about 90 minutes out of San Francisco. Poor kid through a comedy of shitty errors ended up missing his flight. Jet Blue sent an email saying that they were going to be delayed 3 hours so he asked Lovie if he could leave a little later. Lovie suggested a time and so Max hops in an uber only to find out they had moved it back an hour and he was screwed. To really make sure that he did not make it there was a car fire on the freeway somewhere in Queens and he was stuck in a 2 1/2 hour uber ride to the airport. When he got there he said there was a long line at the help desk as I am sure more than one person missed the flight. We told him to just pay any fee to rebook and that we would take care of it. Well fortunately for him they rebooked him on a later flight with no penalty. He just texts me from the plane. Poor thing has a headache and asked me to bring him Advil and water to the airport. He will be in at 12.20am. We will be getting up and leaving on our trip in the morning to Jackson Hole for our anniversary. My heart is heavy. I  know that he is grown and he will be out and about but I did not anticipate feeling this heartsore.

Artist lithograph I found at the Goodwill store by Roberta McDowell

So the weather is something else. Lord, it is squalling outside. Howling wind and rain…it is May and we never have storms this close to summer and to top it all it is expected to snow there this weekend. It is almost June….wacky I tell ya.

I am chatting to him right now and he asked me to include this. He left his dorm at 3pm NY time and he will be home 3am NY time and he says he is never traveling again. He must be completely ragged. He is thinking of trying a boat…LOL. He has just been told they will have a rough descent and I was worried about that because of the bad weather. He took a calming candy but I just hope that it is working.

I am taking my laptop on my trip. Hopefully, I will get to blog while away. I hope to take some photos of the sights to share here on the blog. Oh well gotta run.

Three pounds of buttons that cost me $1.


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