Moving Mountains…Nope Moved by Mountains


Darn, I have not written in ages. So long that our vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming is now in the rearview mirror. Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty of the happiest years of my life. I am so lucky to have this wonderful man by my side. We just returned from an excellent 5-day trip to Wyoming. I think I have mentioned it before, but the journey has been something that I have wanted to do for years. I had always heard about Jackson, and it sounded so different. So when Lovie suggested it, I jumped at it and am I ever glad that we made the trip. I do not think I have ever felt so in awe of any place like I did on seeing the Grand Tetons for the first time.

IMG_3206a I think I had vaguely heard about them, but there is absolutely no way you can explain their magnificence to anyone. I had heard about the Mormon barn that is supposed to be one of the most photographed barns on the planet. It was freezing, but we got some great photos of the barn and other old outbuildings on Mormon Row. IMG_3162


We had no plan to visit Yellowstone Park, but after accidentally driving into Grand Teton National Park and thoroughly enjoying the drive we decided that maybe the drive to Yellowstone might be worth it so that we could at least see Old Faithful. So we set off on a day trip to Yellowstone. We read that a local bread place called E’leaven prepares park packed lunches. We set off, and as we drove, it was fascinating to see the change in sites. The snowpack started getting thicker and thicker. By the time we got to our first photo spot Lewis Falls the air was frigid and the sights outstanding. We had a guy offer to take a photo of us, but the poor guy was a little hapless, and I did not have the heart to tell him that he did not get a picture of us at all.

We managed to make it all the way to see Old Faithful, and we got there about 20 minutes before she blew. It was fun to see that for sure. We also went to another area nearly a mile away called Black Sand Basin. That was just as amazing. To walk on the walkways right next to bubbling boiling geysers was terrific.


It was a long day, and over two hundred miles covered, but it was so worth the trip.





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