He’s leaving on a Jet Plane……again

Happy Birthday to our sassy smartass niece Georgie. We love you girl. How did these two magnificent young people get to be 19 so quickly? We went to the south bay today to celebrate with the family and to surprise the grown-up kids with an easter egg hunt…Yes, 19 and still wanting to find eggs….


So here we go into another week. I was at home with my anxiety and stressful thoughts until my meeting with Not Jean. I am so rattled inside. Have you ever felt so jittery on the inside that you cannot function? I am in one of those zones at the moment. Too anxious to think…

Not as weird as it sounded

Last night I mentioned that I was falling asleep in the boy’s room. No, I am not sleeping in his room. I have converted it into an office for myself as I mentioned before and I was working on my laptop and falling asleep. I do find it comforting to be in here for sure….

Don’t go breaking my heart

Yesterday we moved the boy into his dorm yesterday morning. We found out that he was one of only 5 kids moving into that particular dorm. We pulled up in our Uber and unloaded everything and about 3 hours later everything was unpacked organized and ready for him to live his college life. The dorm…

Eight days….Sprinkled with love.

Yesterday was the day to have a small get together with the family before the boy heads off to school. We moved it to where the people are because my niece had dance practice and this way we would still see her and my sister. Also, it was easier for the old folks to spend…