Not as weird as it sounded

BEfore…I cannot find the after photo right now

Last night I mentioned that I was falling asleep in the boy’s room. No, I am not sleeping in his room. I have converted it into an office for myself as I mentioned before and I was working on my laptop and falling asleep. I do find it comforting to be in here for sure. I miss the booger. The house is too quiet without him. He is always singing so I am missing that for sure.

Tonight I am wiped out. I had the second of five iron infusions today. It went really well. It is great when you get a good nurse that can insert the needle in one shot. It takes about an hour but what is really odd is just how much it wipes me out. It is 8;30pm and I have been really for bed for hours. I think I need to call it a night earlier today. I tend to fight the Sandman a little two vigourously but tonight I think he will win.

I am so frustrated with WordPress right now. I have another site for my portfolio and it is constantly dropping half of my photos. What use is a portfolio if your photos keep disappearing.

Well, that is all that I have for you folks. Tomorrow morning I have to do an informational interview with a person in the field that I am studying. I approached the editor of the Uppercase magazine Janine VanGool. It is a fabulous and inspiring magazine. I love her aesthetic. I am nervous about it but I think it should be over in no time. Then I really want to go to Restorative but I also really want to go to the Southbay to have breakfast with nana, papa and my little sis. Decisions, decisions. I will probably go and visit with the Southbay people because I have not seen my sister in a while. I also need to get out and find some funky little valentine and birthday gifts for my boy. I need to mail everything on Monday.

Tomorrow is Friday. Looking forward to the weekend. I realized that I have not made any Valentine dinner plans. I need to take care of that….darn I am so in my head I remember nothing important.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.


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