The quiet life


The boy has been gone for 2 weeks now and life is settling into a weird groove. I am having such a hard time with the loss of our little family unit as it used to be. I know I have said it before but darn it is rough. I have been having very quiet calming days at home. I sleep late and work on my portfolio for my class and I tackled some of the math. I am like a lump of coal or the blog from the bog. I do nothing physical. This is not good at all. I need to go to yoga. I need to swim but I am caught in a paralyzing cycle. At the same time, I am pissed at myself for the lack of exercise. I plan on going to Restorative on Friday and maybe from next Mon, I need to go to the swimming exercise.

I spend money on a Cricut Maker…becuase I am sad…Hey, do not judge it is better than eating it away. Still fighting with the food but you know. Well, this toy is amazing. The possibilities are endless. I have already tried it out and made stickers, and two cards. I am very impressed. I am all up in my head again and down in the dumps so it is good to at least keep myself occupied. I have also been crocheting hats again. I am having my second iron infusion tomorrow and I will take them to the infusion place as there are chemo patients there as well. They always have hats available for those people. Anything to help with avoiding food wherever possible. I have four more infusions and I sure hope that they start working again. I am dead on my feet and I am sure that my mood is also affected by the anemia. I am also feeling cognitively impaired again. Nothing goes into my head without leaving right away. I hope that the rest of the math class goes as planned.

Oh well short and sweet…ok not really sweet but very short. I will say goodnight. I am falling asleep here in my boy’s room. Oh, I have to tell you about that next time.


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