He’s leaving on a Jet Plane……again

imagejpeg_0 5Happy Birthday to our sassy smartass niece Georgie. We love you girl. How did these two magnificent young people get to be 19 so quickly? We went to the south bay today to celebrate with the family and to surprise the grown-up kids with an easter egg hunt…Yes, 19 and still wanting to find eggs. It is now a little bit of a family joke so they got to find a few eggs.

This week has flown way to fast. He had just arrived and tomorrow we need to drop him off to fly back to school already. I have had a bittersweet week with the kid at home. It is wonderful to hear his singing all over the house. He still can find lyrics for any occasion or situation. He has been flitting here and there all week and every moment was precious. We packed up all of his summer clothing for his summer semester. He will only be back for three weeks in July. It is going to be a long long wait again. My brain comes around more and more every day but I am feeling the sadness so badly again. Oh well, suck it up buttercup. I am getting ready to spend the next week throwing away the crap that accumulates all over the house. Our house is pretty uncluttered but there is still bits and pieces that lie around and start to work on my nerves. I am cleaning out and throwing away, donating or selling online. I need a distraction this week.

I am trying to add more photos but for some reason, it is not working properly so I will have to add them later. So nothing much else is going on. The youtube channel is up and running and I hope to have that gain momentum as I publish more videos. I would only keep it to weeding Cricut. designs.

I guess that is it for me tonight. I am wrecked inside. I cannot think of anything cute or creative to talk about tonight. Just trying to keep my shit together. Have a great  Sunday. Love you boy boy. Soar high.imagejpeg_0 4Resized_Resized_20190323_154945

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