Floundering in an emotional pit

img_0097.jpgOh lord the joys of motherhood. Or should I say the sadness of realizing that it is well and truly gone. The chicken has really flown the nest and it is what it is. As you know the boy is home from college this week and it was as I expected but it is still so hard to face the truth that he is being pulled in so many directions because the little bugger is overly popular with various sets of friends. I did not know that I would be competing with one of the friends for my precious time. Darn, it is so hard. I am so heartsore even though it is life. I skipped yoga this morning to spend some time with you know who but you know who came down polished and shiny ready to go and take on his day. “Bye, mom see you later”…LOL. Ok, I had to vent I am sorry. From next week I have to try and see “not Jean” every second week and so this is going to be hard work keeping my head above the doldrums.

I am floundering with what to do every day with my life. I am trying to formulate my life so that I can start to make some money doing what I love. I have various online ventures and an online resume and portfolio on http://www.tealfeathercreations.com. I have a new youtube channel. It is actually a social experiment. I have mentioned before that I love weeding those vinyl die-cut stickers so I have recorded myself weeding and I have put them up on youtube. I use the weeding nightly to calm my nerves. Odd I know but it is pretty therapeutic.

Want to be amused..here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCutzBrSyzRoxRbnHwQBkEgA. Please subscribe.

So here I am. At home for the day. Fishing around the internet for anything, any project to keep me busy. I was saddened this morning to see my son’s high school mentioned three times in this college scandal. The one girl graduated with him. She probably sat 2-3 kids away from him at graduation. I find it disgusting. He worked his ass off for four years to get into his number one school. He spent days and weeks working on all of the plays even learning over 600 lines for a lead in a play. He got mostly straight As and graduated with Head of School Honors. He worked to raise his SAT so that he would be a good candidate but the princess did not do any of that. It makes me sad because I am convinced there will be more Bay Area parents. It is interesting to note that months before this broke my sharp cookie wondered out aloud about how some of these kids got into the schools that they did. I am saddened for the high school. There are many honest and wonderful families in the school. It is truly a wonderful place to go to school. It is a very privileged environment to experience for high school. I am not going to refute that but a large number of families are great. The problem I think is that the Bay Area has become a den of elitist entitled scumbags. The rush for high school is just as competitive. There are often 200 kids vying for 35 spots. It is very true that these people do spend thousands of dollars from K-12 for school so they expect their little darlings to get into the college of their choice. I will not deny that we kind of felt that way but we expected our son to work for it and when he did not get into his no1 school at first we told him to be happy with the alternative. He was lucky enough to place off the waitlist to start in January. We made him work for the six months and he found a job as a dishwasher and busboy at a local coffee shop and he loved it for some reason…go figure. Now there is the progeny of super clever valley executives and engineers but there are also a lot of dolts. I know from comments my son has made that there were some complete fools that got into prestigious colleges because of legacy or other questionable means.

Oh well, that is my two cents worth. Happy Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend.

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