Floundering in an emotional pit

Oh lord the joys of motherhood. Or should I say the sadness of realizing that it is well and truly gone. The chicken has really flown the nest and it is what it is. As you know the boy is home from college this week and it was as I expected but it is still…

Hello, now can you stay at home for 5 min?

As you can see I am still loving the Cricut maker machine. It rocks. I have a lot to learn but I am slowly figuring it out. I love cutting unusual images like this one. So the boy arrived home on Saturday evening. We have him for a week…or should I say we will get…

Cut and cut and cut some more

Today I took the luxury of really experimenting with the Cricut at last. I wanted to try all of the different papers, stickers, decals etc. I ventured into cutting leather and fabric. I spent most of the day experimenting and I even used the press to attach a design to a sweatshirt and a bag….

Yo, why did you not go to Yoga?

I finally took the time this evening to actually try out cutting the vinyl into decals on the Cricut Maker machine. Wow. I am so impressed. This picture does it no justice. The vinyl is a holographic material that shimmers in a mother of pearl blue. I also printed a mandala and an elephant mandala….