Yo, why did you not go to Yoga?


I finally took the time this evening to actually try out cutting the vinyl into decals on the Cricut Maker machine. Wow. I am so impressed. This picture does it no justice. The vinyl is a holographic material that shimmers in a mother of pearl blue. I also printed a mandala and an elephant mandala. This machine is excellent. I actually bought a piece of leather to try and cut out one of the wallet patterns. If I attempt it I will post it here for sure.

IMG_9665 2

Today was a very odd day for me. I struggled to wake up but I had asked lovie to wake me so that I could get ready to go to Yin Yoga. Well I was all set to go and the stomach pain and nausea started again and when I got to the car I sat for 10 minutes and then I head out to yoga. I got to yoga pretty early and sat in the car listening to my Audible book. I felt drained mentally this morning so I just sat there and then moved the car to the post office and mailed a letter and left. Later in the day, I was still confused as to why I did not stay. LAZY? Tomorrow I cannot go as I have a long dental appointment and on Friday I have to see my nutritionist and then I am going to have my last iron infusion so there will be no time for yoga. I am still feeling like the iron is clearing my mind. My mood had been decent when I saw Not Jean on Monday but for some reason seeing the boy on facetime has kicked me down again. I miss him very much. I cannot believe my mood could dip that quickly. I guess I just need to grin and bear it for sixteen days

I finished the hats today. I made a few crocheted roses and attached them to the hats. They look cute. I have ten to donate on Friday. I just find it comforting to make when I have nothing else on my agenda. I will not even venture to tell you my adventures in trying to find my newly purchased craft needles that disappeared in my office after I purchased them this morning. It took me hours to find them.

IMG_9660 2

I hope you made it through the first part of the week. Smile because the weekend is almost here. Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by.

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