Enough with the poking already

Flowers at the shopping center this afternoon.


I feel like a pincushion. Yesterday I had to sit in the dentist chair for almost 3 hours so he could remove the temporary crown on my two back teeth and then build up the teeth to fit new crowns. For some weird reason, the numbing does not last on my mouth. The lip was numb for hours longer than the actual area that he worked on. I think I had about 4 shots to get me numb. I got yelled at by my doctor for using my own medication for the dentist so I used their medication yesterday…Oh lord, I was goofed before I even got into the chair. They gave me a valium and as far as I know, I have never had valium before. It was amusing to me that it made me weirdly snarky and chatty with the dentist and his nurse. It was so odd because I am normally pretty quiet. Needless to say, I slept pretty well last night. This morning I had a visit with my nutritionist. The lady is the sweetest, kindest person ever and it was a good meeting. Then I had to head out to the other branch of our medical offices to get my last iron infusion. Again I got a wonderful nurse who made it completely painless the only thing that made me slightly annoyed was that she decided that the infusion could be done in 30 minutes instead of 1 hour and she did not run saline at the same time. I did not see the point because she said that I then have to stay observation for 30 minutes. The other way I leave immediately. It made my nose burn and I should not have told her because I had to sit there for 40 minutes with the unhooked catheter in my arm. I cannot, however, believe how smoothly it went. I took the opportunity to go to the shopping center to take some clothes back to Athleta and of course I left with another shirt. I got home in time to pull some curry and rice out of the freezer for lovie for dinner. Got to work on having more than one item for dinner but it is not going to come easy. Old habits die hard.

Supposedly there is a huge storm heading over us tonight and making it’s way clear across the country. I am not sure of how the dynamics of a storm that is supposed travel 3000 miles. Interesting. I know that it is about to snow in NYC. I worry about the boy because all of his pals are in that separate dorm and he is there every weekend and he walks home at midnight to 2am. I can drive myself into the looney bin worrying about this but that is not far off so I have to try and reel the worry in a little. He has finally received his summer housing information and they actually get all twelve weeks so our worry that he would have to move twice this summer will not have to happen. Thank goodness. I can just imagine his skinny ass pushing a big cart with all his belonging down Broadway in the middle of a hot summer’s day. He can hopefully have a room to himself.

Oh well, my eyes are drooping here. The lorazepam is working. I have been having fun weeding the cool vinyl stickers that I have made in the past few days. Happy weekend. If you are in the way of the storm then stay safe, warm and dry.

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