Cut and cut and cut some more

IMG_9726Today I took the luxury of really experimenting with the Cricut at last. I wanted to try all of the different papers, stickers, decals etc. I ventured into cutting leather and fabric. I spent most of the day experimenting and I even used the press to attach a design to a sweatshirt and a bag. This machine is really amazing. I decorated it with my logo as you can see in the picture posted above. The hologram vinyl paper is amazing. I feel a little more confident with the machine this evening. I am sure it will bring me a lot of pleasure in the months to come. Below the brilliant cutouts with the machine. The top row is pictures of the fabric and leather cut. It even marks the sewing line with a fabric pen for you.  I will post a picture of the wallet in the center once I am done sewing it. The second row of pictures is of the die cut stickers that this machine is capable of making.

Tomorrow it is back to schoolwork I am in the home stretch of my portfolio class. I have exactly two classes left with that class and then I just have math on the go from then on. Then I can maybe spend some time on business ideas. I feel like I have abandoned it a little because of school work.

Today has not been a good day for anxiety. Today I have free-floating anxiety that has resurfaced after being gone for a while. It took pictures of the boy on the photostream set me on edge with worry.

Good news is that I do not seem to have as any real side effects from the last of the five iron infusions. I really think that they are working already. I am pretty sure I did not get this much relief last time. I hope it keeps getting better. Still no eyebrows or eyelashes this time around. I am dying to see if any hair shows up in the next few months.

I did not initially want to go out to dinner but I know that I need to make an effort to get more involved in going out and doing things so I told Lovie that I was up for going out. It took a lot of mental effort on my side but we ended up at this lovely little place in Belmont called the Farmhouse. This was my dinner…well I brought half of it home. It was radiatore pasta with arugula pesto and chicken and peas. Who knew you can make pesto with arugula?

IMG_9716Tomorrow is time for laundry and maybe a little shopping. The darn garage is still broken so it is nice to get the heavy stuff moved with lovie is around and we need heavy coffee creamer and kombucha. I forgot to mention this wacky chip idea of chips made from chicken and tapioca flour. Supposedly they are paleo. They are actually pretty tasty and I found them at Whole foods. Yum.

I am typing and my eyes are closing slowly but surely. Hopefully, this blog makes sense. Happy weekend.

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