Armchair detectives.


Welcome to a new week. Spoke to the boy this morning and he told me school was called off for today as well as all of the NYC public schools because of snow. Very funny because he sent me a picture of the scene outside his window and there were more garbage bags than any snow on the ground. Today I had my weekly meeting with Not Jean. It is a year this month that I have been seeing her and I think I finally feel comfortable. She said to me today that I need to wait 90 days and that will be the time of a turn around in my sadness at missing my boy. April 26th…I am holding her to it. I also will not let myself sit with the sadness and I shove it down when it wells up and I guess I need to change that. Shoving the sadness under the rug is not helpful I guess.

I suspected this morning that I had a UTI..yuck and so I went straight from her office to the Urgent care a whole 1/2 mile away. Sure enough, I was right. The amusing part is how this mmmm medical organization whom I will not name still treats me with kid gloves because of how royally they messed up 4 years ago. They know that they are really lucky that I did not sue them. I now wish I had but hindsight is 20/20. I left Not Jean at about 3.40pm. Drove over to the Urgent care, had a test done, saw a Dr and I was in my car at 4pm.

Stopped off at Walgreens for a few items and then the grocery store for dinner for my lovie and then to the other market to pick up my prescription and then home. So a 2:30pm appointment gets you home at 6pm if you throw in a few errands. For the past three nights, I have crashed and gone to sleep for a reasonable amount of hours. I really think the iron has given me a very noticeable energy boost. I want to start walking soon if it ever stops raining.

I am listening to an amazing book at the moment. It is called the Au Pair by Emma Rous. I love trying to figure out the twists in this type of book and I am flummoxed. I am halfway through and I have still not figured it out.

I have to admit I have been so fascinated by the Watts Family murders. I think it is because I wonder how a father could do that to his little girls. This murder has really captured the eye of armchair detectives on youtube and that is my new side interest while I am doing other things online. The most interesting guy is a retired NYPD detective whose channel is called DutyRon. I also love his New York attitude. He is so NYPD he could be an officer on NYPD Blue. He is so knowledgable and insightful. There is also a woman called Tori Hartman who is also interesting. The one that amuses me is this old British man that calls himself the Armchair detective. Everyone shares their two cents worth.  IMG_9696

Tomorrow we get to facetime with the chap in NYC. I am taking his car to be serviced tomorrow. I swear he has not had it serviced or washed since we had it repaired a month after we bought the car. All three of the cars are really grungy right now. All have been parked outside in the rain because the garage door is still not fixed and it never stops raining.

Oh well, nothing else exciting happening. I have about 99% of the portfolio work done and that class is almost over. I checked my math grade last night which reflects all of the work that I have done. My grade is 99.5%. I almost fell over laughing. This is all without Lovie’s help. I am so weirded out that I have done this much alone.

May you have a peaceful and productive week.


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  1. Denise Burger says:

    Hi Shaz, This is your old Aunt Denise from sunny Cape Town, South Africa, just to say that I have read your blog and hope to keep up to date with your family’s coming and goings. Your cousins and kin all send their love. Hope the URI clears up soon. Lots of love, Auntie Dee.


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