Raindrops on Shamrocks, not Roses


Hey, there we are more than halfway through the week. Just a little over a week before my boy is home for a week. I cannot wait. It has not stopped raining for what feels like months. I am so fascinated by raindrops on plants. I think it is such a beautiful sight. I took this with my phone and so that is why it is not perfect but I was fascinated that I noticed that I can actually see my reflection in a few of the drops. Do you see it? Yesterday I went and strolled around the goodwill store for fun. I love looking for small little vases and bottles. I found a few cute items. I picked up a lovely little glass inkwell, a cute milk jug, with a matching sugar bowl and vase. I also found this lovely vintage nut dish that turns out to be a pretty expensive classic brand called Wallace and it is etched glass with a sterling silver ring. I made $3 or $4 for it. I am thinking of putting it on Etsy for sale along with the sugar bowl and milk jug. I love doing this for fun. Anything to keep from being bored. I am reveling in my renewed physical energy. I can just get so many things done with ease since the infusions were completed. The improvement has come very quickly. I have been in the mood to get into a little yoga again. I made it to gently yoga today and I have been thinking I want to go to aquasize and restorative yoga on Friday. I am actually making plans ahead of time. I know then that I am feeling better. My stamina is vastly improved.

Oh, I almost forgot to post the finished little coin purse that I made with the Cricut leather cut. So cute. It was not perfect because I was a little fly by the seat of my pants and in a hurry to get it done. I will probably attempt it again. I wonder what it would look like if you cut it out like filigree. I used a heart vinyl as a decoration. So darn cute. IMG_9736Tomorrow I might head on down to the Southbay for the day if it is not raining too hard. I will see about it in the morning. I have tried to lay off the lorazepam and I have not had any in two days but tonight I could really use one and weirdly I am super hungry and very tempted to go and get a small little snack out of the fridge…maybe a little cheese? I never eat at this time of night. Very odd.

It is almost time to register for summer classes. I have one math class, one science class, and two PE classes and then I am done. I wish I could figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I am sure I will find something creative. I will finish up now I am going to relax and watch youtube while window shopping online. I hope I do not make any late night Wish purchases that I do not remember. Those little white envelopes arrive and I am always surprised. I remember looking at the stuff but not buying it….is that a bad sign. I get the PayPal charges and then I cannot figure out who the payment was sent too.
Happy Thursday. One more day. Hang in there.

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