Meandering on El Camino

IMG_9806I really enjoyed gentle yoga again yesterday and I want to go to Restorative as I said and I am signed up for tomorrow so I decided to go and visit the south bay today. I popped into the supermarket to pick up some warm freshly baked bread Jewish Rye and hot cross buns…Ok, I just saw the humor in that combo. We just hung out and chilled because it was raining ….AGAIN!. Darn, it never stops.Yikes. it is nuts. I left there at 2:30 pm and I wanted to stop off at one of the many Indian grocery stores in Santa Clara to pick up Dettol…an antiseptic soap and I ended up also buying Milo(chocolate energy drink mix) and some cookies. Then back in the car and then I came across a Teaspoon, Asian milk tea shop and I picked up some tea then back in the car and then in Sunnyvale I stopped off at a local clothing store to see if they had received any summery dresses. Tried on a few items. Bought a few items and hopped back into the car and back on the road. By the time I was about 5 miles from home nana called to let me know that my baby sister was involved in a car crash in my niece’s two-week-old car. The car is a disaster as you can see and the poor girl has two extremely bruised legs. Supposedly there are now leg airbags that deploy on impact. She has so many health issues that it is not great that she was injured. Thank God she has no broken bones. Feel better soon Jojo. imagejpeg_0 3Bay area people have become the world’s worst at drivers and add a few drops of rain and then they really suck.

It is a week and a day until our kiddo is home. I am ticking the days off the calendar until he is back but in true Mrs. Worrypot style, I am already fretting about the day he leaves again.

This evening I finished an NYU mom design and I used the Cricut to cut out a sticker and an iron on glitter viynl. I pulled out one of my old sweatshirts and I attached the glitter vinyl to the shirt. It looks cute. I will be making my own NYU mom swag from now on. The shirt looks cute. Lovie is sleeping otherwise I would go and get the shirt to photograph. I will add it tomorrow. But for time being this is a vinyl stickerIMG_9809.JPGI have been listening to all of the talking heads talking about the murder of Shanann, Bella, Ceecee, and Nico. I just cannot bring my self to refer to them as his family. This crime has shaken me to the core. How anyone could do that to people that you supposedly love? There is something very evil and wrong about you. May they rest in peace.

I guess I need to head to bed soon. TGIF. My weight is down, I have been getting some sleep and my energy is on the way up now if the mood can just hold it’s own.¬† Happy Friday and may you have a restful weekend.

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