Twice in one week

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Ha! Made you look. Dream on she is not even waiting in the wings in most of the country. Darn, it is still so cold here. I slept in this morning… heaven. I told Lovie to only come and wake me if it got to lunchtime. I have needed the sleep I guess. I have been feeling physically stronger since the iron infusion. Heck, I have been to yoga twice this past week and I got up and trekked to the south bay on Wednesday as you know.

I have been really trying to figure out what type of business I want to run. I love the arty stuff and I will not give that up but I just wish it could start making some money. Just for the satisfaction really. The sales are few and far between because the market is so saturated with creative people all clamoring for the same audience. I do sell but it is always the oddest stuff. The last thing I remember selling is this quilt on Society6.

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 12.37.36 PM


oh and a coffee mug with a farting unicorn in the random.

Today I think I will try and do the third math quiz and tomorrow I need to sit and complete the midterm before the boy comes home. I better go and grab a little more coffee as I am a little mmmm duh this morning.

Nothing else to report really. I did not wish you happy Women’s day on purpose. The concept just irritates the shit out of me. Ok I know I am a woman but I just get super annoyed by my fellow American women being so vocal about their supposed suppression by the patriarchy..seriously bitch. I find their whining at their lot in life pathetic. American women should really take stock of all of their blessings and power and be grateful that they were not born in some crappy place where women are suppressed every day. Stop your freaking whining. You do not suffer, you are full of shit…complete first world problems. Think of girls and women in Africa, India, and the Middle East that are abused, beaten, raped and murdered daily by violent men and then think about whining because the government will not pay for your birth control. That is why the whole concept annoys me. The most vapid and vocal women are the overprivileged social justice warriors whose most serious suffering in life is that they ran out of oat milk for her overpriced latte at the coffee shop this morning and so she is over eager to put that stupid pussy hat on her head and proclaim her victimhood. Shut up. Ok…rant ending here.

Now that the rant is over…back to being calm. Sorry I just had to get that out of my system. I guess I am not as calm as I should be…but what the heck. I just got back from the grocery store and the lovie is busy trying to fix the broken console in the boy’s car. He just successfully repaired it with a piece of velcro and youtube and the repair shop wanted $1100 to fix it. I am in the mood to create something…but what…not sure…maybe I should just stick to completing the math as planned.
Stay warm and dry..Enjoy your weekend.


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