Rain, Rain stay away


I had a long day at home today with no serious agenda. I spent the morning making a few Cricut die-cut stickers for a project that I wanted to try out and then I tried to do some math to keep plodding away at the class. I am hoping to finish up long before the final is due. I made a promise that I would get my lazy ass out for a walk and today the weather is glorious. The sun is out, the sky is blue, there is no wind and it is about 68 degrees. I put on my sneakers, plugged into my latest audible book. I grabbed the camera and went out with trepidation. I am so unfit and at the beginning, I was a little hesitant but once I got going I made it one mile. A new start I guess. I took it slowly and took photos along the way. This camera is pretty good. We bought it for the boy for a class.

Two more days and I get to smell my boy again. Yeah, I know I am odd but if that is a surprise to you then you have not been paying attention. I love the smell of my child. It always calms me down. I will have to give up my office for a week but believe me that is not a problem. fullsizeoutput_644eI wonder how many other people are going to be in competition for his time. Mr. Social Butterfly.

I made it to gently yoga yesterday and I plan on restorative again tomorrow. I have to get somebody’s favorite snacks. I am so excited I cannot wait. We are going to have a family gettogether on Sunday. My poor sister is still in pain from her car accident last week.

I also took a stroll around the goodwill and found these tiny little collectible bottles a small Czech perfume bottle and an art deco vintage water bottle and a few other things. They are now on Etsy. It is not about the money but the thrill of finding a unique treasure and selling it for more than you paid for it. If I do get a good price on something I will share my purchase prices and sale price. The little green bottles were made in the 70s by a company called Wheaton and the Amber bottle is made for Arrowhead water company and it has a Native American standing on a spearhead and the pattern around him is art deco.  The plate is handpainted Nippon. Not sure when it was made. Here is the link to the Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/InkaputCreations

I have laid off the lorazepam for at least 5 days but today I just needed one this evening. I am not sure why but the anxiety is creeping. The walk was definitely calming. It made me remember how I have used it in the past to calm down. I need to do it more often now that it is going to be warm for the next week. Taking the camera adds a fun element to the walk. I only made a mile but it was better than the last walk.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday for tomorrow.

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