Hello, now can you stay at home for 5 min?

img_0072.jpgAs you can see I am still loving the Cricut maker machine. It rocks. I have a lot to learn but I am slowly figuring it out. I love cutting unusual images like this one.

So the boy arrived home on Saturday evening. We have him for a week…or should I say we will get the scraps after he gives most of his time to his pals. That is how the cookie crumbles I guess. I am learning I guess to just take it a day at a time. I had my weekly ” not Jean” appointment today and it went well. I am going to give it a try at going only every second week. That will be great if I get that right. I know that if I really have an issue I can always give her a call.  The boy is galavanting all over the bay area in places that freak me out but I am adopting my new plan. I am just telling myself that he is an adult and he walks around Manhattan at 2 am and I cannot do a thing about it. I will let you know how that works for me.

Showing our school colors…

My poor sister Jo is still struggling with big bruises and hematomas on her legs from her nasty car accident. We went to visit the family yesterday so they could see the boy and my sister and I had our college shirts on..hence the photo op. Apart from that nothing exciting happening…oh except for the fact that I cannot sleep. I am struggling so much to get some sleep. I have been drugging myself and find myself floundering at 4am. I have despite this made it to yoga twice in a week and also walked a mile twice. The weather is magnificent. It is great to break out the Birkenstock sandals for walking instead of socks and shoes. But they say that rain in on the way again. At least it is nice enough for the boy to get to the beach today…I saw the pictures in the photostream.

So here is a change of topic. I love these little Brachs bunnies for Easter and I cannot find them anywhere this year. I went into a Walgreens last night and I was greeted with this display of Easter goodies and not a single Brachs bunny in sight. Darnit.

I am finished with my portfolio class and I am almost finished working on my math class. I basically have two quizzes and a final to complete by May and then I am done…have I told you this already…I cannot make up my mind.
Tonight I have just sent my calorie intake to almost 1600 calories…shoot. Not good. I just ate 6 cookies and a cup of chai with oat milk. The cookies alone were 354 wasted calories. I need to get a grip. I was hoping to keep going with my recent 4-pound loss.

I meant to tell you that I sold one of those little vintage Wheaton bottles for $10…the rush is on when you get $10 for a bottle you paid 99c for last week. Not earth shattering but it is sure fun.

I am sitting here chilling and watching fat women trying on clothing on youtube. This is how I keep myself in check.

Oh well here goes another week. I need to call the State of California tomorrow because I need to enter a return on a business that has made no money last year….what bullshit. Happy Monday.



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