Stormy weather

img_9571.jpgDarn it I am so hungry. My stomach is still iffy and I am scared that if I eat a meal it will set me off again. I am not in the mood for the pain and so I have laid low and eat very carefully for the next few days. I went to Whole foods this afternoon looking for a chicken noodle soup but they were out. That is not my favorite soup but it may be worth the trip….darn as I am typing this I realized I should have gone and picked up some Pho. The plain chicken Pho has anise in it and anise is good for settling your stomach and it tastes way better than chicken noodle soup…duhhhh.

I had trouble sleeping last night. I am trying to figure out a way to present my portfolio, business card and resume for the end of my portfolio class. That was not the reason I was up until 3 am..that was just the usual shit running around in my head. Lovie woke me up before he left for work and I stayed in my PJs until I headed out to “Not Jean” at 2pm. Things went well with Not Jean. It took a long time but I get her and I think she gets me. I think she is with her kids the way I am with Max…..well she probably has a healthier approach compared to me but then her kids are older and I get the feeling she might have fretted like I do…just a hunch..LOL.  It is so helpful to have someone who is not related to you that you can talk to about this stuff.

I did not even bother venturing out for a walk because it is looking like we have a major storm on the way. The wind and rain are whipping up right now. I just want to stay cozy and warm inside. Tomorrow I have to go to my portfolio class. Darn, having to venture out in the cold is not sounding appealing at all. The top of the bluff at school is like a wind tunnel and the cold wind howls up there. The parking lot is far from the classroom. I cannot wait. Not. At least the Instructor is decent unlike “the other old fart” that droned on. This guy has more personality for sure. He is roughly a few years older than me but he seems to have this gaggle of groupies or fangirls that laugh a little too loud at his corny jokes. Not sure what the appeal is because they are all around my kiddo’s age. They seem enamored..LOL. To each his own I guess. Live and let live. I find it amusing to watch.

I am up to 10 knitted caps to take over to the Hematology/Oncology on Friday when I go for my last infusion. I just need to make rosettes with yarn to decorate all of them. I am searching for my darning needle so I can sew them on and get them ready to go. My head is feeling clearer already. I wonder how long it will last.

Oh well, here we go into another week. We have about 3 weeks before the kiddo will be home for spring break. I cannot wait. I miss the booger too much. Have a great week. Monday is behind us so chin up.


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